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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Downbeat members Alan Jiang (12) and Shareen Chahal (11) pose as they perform “Deck the Halls.  Upper school groups Harker Dance Company, Kinetic Krew and Downbeat as well as several middle school groups performed at Santana Rows Spirit of the Row on Dec. 6.

Harker performing arts groups light up night at ‘Spirit of The Row’

by Alison Yang and Alena Suleiman December 14, 2022

Though the chill of the night intensifies, the crowd packed tightly around the small stage only continues to grow. Small ornaments and string lights strewn across the set highlight the massive tree in...

Upper school Strength and Conditioning Coach Lauren Brown teaches proper bench press fundamentals to underclassmen during a workout session. Brown trains students in after school fitness classes and students from sports teams.

Helping hands uplift our athletic department

by Kevin Zhang and Sabrina Zhu December 12, 2022

After school, students arrive in the weight room as Lauren Brown, upper school Strength and Conditioning Coach, hands each one of them their personal record of monthly progression through her detailed...

Rain pours on the lunch tables in front of the journalism room Thursday evening. Heavy rains continued this weekend as a storm hit much of the Bay Area.

Heavy rain falls across Bay Area as storm continues

by Emma Gao, Co-News Editor December 11, 2022

Over two inches of rain have fallen in Santa Clara County since Dec. 1, an amount 21% higher than the average rainfall for this time of year, with strong rains and a storm continuing throughout this weekend. Heavy...

Neurodiversity describes the idea that people experience the world around them in various ways, and that there is no right way of thinking. On average, about 15% of the U.S. population is neurodiverse.

The weight a word holds: Neurodiversity’s modern meaning in our community

by Vika Gautham, Asst. Features Editor December 7, 2022

Dyslexia. Down syndrome. Attention Deficit Disorder. When the word neurodiversity appears, these words might pop into your head. There are various preconceptions of neurodiversity, such as the fact that...

I was willing to try ballet as something I hadn’t done before, yet the “absurdity” of a male ballet dancer was also deeply ingrained in my mind. Once I discovered that ballet spoke to me in a different way than other genres, I decided to let my passion guide me.

Jetéing over gender stereotypes as a male ballet dancer

by Anwen Hao, Assistant Multimedia Editor December 1, 2022

A 10-year-old me walked into a ballet studio with my head down, trying to avoid the looks of other ballerinas. But I knew I was going to be noticed; as a boy, my short hair, white shirt and black tights...

An illustration of a virus approaching the Earth. Global warming has led to increased disease spread, with warmer temperatures, greater animal migration and the uncovering of viruses from the permafrost.

Global Reset: How climate change infects our world

by Shareen Chahal and Kinnera Mulam November 16, 2022

We’re now living three years after the COVID-19 pandemic, an event that took the lives of 6.6 million and permanently changed our meaning of “normal.” COVID-19 isn’t the first nor the last of deadly...

Sisters pairs Summer Adler (10) and Sydney Adler (12) and Jasmine Hansra (9) and Jasleen Hansra (12) pose together in the swimming pool. Both pairs of sisters play together on Harkers girls water polo team.

Sister Act: Two pairs of sisters make memories on the varsity girls water polo team

by Emma Milner and Isabella Lo November 11, 2022

One team. Two pairs of sisters. Together in the pool, they pass the ball around to each other as teammates. After practice, they go home as sisters, bonding over the moments in practice and games. Sydney...

Harker Aquilas guide to the 2022 Midterm Elections. This years midterms were held on Nov. 8.

Harker Aquila’s Guide to the 2022 Midterms

The 2022 midterm election results will begin rolling in this evening and in the coming days, with elections for Congressional seats, local and state official positions and propositions. Polls closed today...

Students craft up creative costumes for Halloween. Check out the costumes of Jeremy Ko (12), Isabella Ribeiro (11), Shareen Chahal (11) and Ava Arasan (12) in the video.

Students craft up creative costumes for Halloween

by Sally Zhu, Selina Xu, and Medha Yarlagadda November 8, 2022

Students and faculty donned a variety of costumes from internet memes to childhood show characters and even other community members to celebrate Halloween on Oct. 31. In addition, Harker Spirit Leadership...

An illustration of the K-pop group NewJeans. Fans have expressed concern at the age of the members, which range from 14 to 18 years old, especially after dissecting the lyrics of their hit song “Cookie.”

Don’t bite the cookie: Concerning sexualization of minors in K-pop

by Alena Suleiman and Shareen Chahal November 3, 2022

“Looking at my cookie, do you ever smell it different? What’s with a bite, isn’t enough?” These lyrics, recently prompting backlash in the Korean popular music or K-pop industry, is one of the...

Instances of extreme weather are rising, along with their impacts, placing increased populations at risk from climate hazards. The number of weather-related disasters has increased by a factor of five over the past 50 years, with human activity at the vanguard of causes.

Cloudy or clear: Our climate future rests in our hands

by Kinnera Mulam and Lindsey Tuckey October 20, 2022

Scorching temperatures and raging wildfires in California. Severe droughts in the U.S. and Europe. Catastrophic flooding in Pakistan and Italy. Devastating hurricanes across the world.  Instances of...

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