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SpaceX partners with NASA to send American astronauts to space

An illustration depicting Falcon 9 launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida. The spacecraft was designed and created by SpaceX, a private American aerospace company based in Hawthorne, California.

by Mark Hu and Sabrina Zhu

June 2, 2020

SpaceX, a private American space manufacturing company, sent two NASA astronauts into space on Saturday in a launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida, marking the first time that NASA has sent humans into space from American soil since 2011. The Falcon 9’s booster successfully landed on the autonomo...

STEM Scene (Volume 20, Issue 1)

STEM Scene (Volume 20, Issue 1)

by Anika Rajamani, reporter

September 3, 2018

New iPhones set to release Apple is set to release three models of the new iPhone later this year, presumably in September. This includes a larger iPhone X Plus and a cheaper LCD model. Apple has yet to disclose the official release date or the name of the new iPhones. NASA launches Parker Probe to ...

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