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Giving during the holidays

Griffin Crook (12) stands next to the doughnut holes he purchased dressed in a festive blazer and Santa hat. Griffin announced during school meeting on Dec. 6 that he had purchased 2000 doughnut holes for his fellow students to enjoy in the spirit of holiday cheer.

by Nicole Tian and Arely Sun

January 5, 2020

After the conclusion of the previous announcement, the projector in front of the school assembly simply flashed to display a single slide introducing Griffin Crook (12). A ripple of chatter spread through the crowd as he stepped up to the microphone dressed in a brightly patterned festive blazer and a ...

Family, Tradition, and Celebration: the essence of Indian festivals

As October rolls around the corner, billions of Hindus begin the annual preparations to honor the traditions specific to Navaratri, Dussehra and Diwali, the main Indian festivals during fall.

by Alysa Suleiman and Varsha Rammohan

October 9, 2019

Women adorned in jewelry and draped in yards of colorful silk around the waist and shoulder, known as the traditional saree, vividly complement an assortment of brightly colored Indian sweets and snacks lining the table. Sticky little hands demolish the tower of sweet morsels, which range from ladoo,...

Embracing our mother culture

5 mothers sit at the table, sporting cultural garb and sitting behind plates symbolizing their native cultures. From left to right, the cultures represented are Chinese, Indian, Persian, Peruvian, and African American.

by Lucy Ge, Sriya Batchu, and Esha Gohil

February 22, 2019

Peking duck wrapped in pancake. Shirin polo. Gulab jamun. Whether it’s crispy, sweet, fried, or cheesy, food can be found in family traditions and history of cultures all around the world. For April Sun (9), Peking duck covered in hoisin sauce and green onion and wrapped in pancake is a tasty trea...

Competition in the holiday spirit

Senior class spirit coordinator Claire Newman adjusts a decoration on the senior class tree in Manzanita. Spirit is holding a tree-decorating competition all this week.

by Ryan Guan, Executive News Editor

December 5, 2018

Spirit will hold several holiday-themed spirit events this month. In a tree-decorating contest, each class can add festive ornaments and decorations to one of four trees in Manzanita. Classes will also compete to create the best-looking gingerbread house during lunch on Friday. Spirit will also...

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