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Official portrait of former President George H. W. Bush in 1989.

George H. W. Bush, nation’s 41st President, dies at 94

by Ryan Guan, Executive News Editor December 5, 2018

George H. W. Bush, who served as the 41st U.S. President from 1989 to 1993, died last Friday in his home in Houston at 94, according to his office. Bush's funeral was held at Washington National Cathedral...

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 20, Issue 1)

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 20, Issue 1)

by Ryan Guan, Executive News Editor August 31, 2018

Rose Guan This piece was originally published in the pages of the Winged Post on Aug. 31, 2018.

President Trump announced the addition of a question on the 2020 census that would ask individuals whether they are citizens. Such a question is raising concern of undercounting and biases against immigrants.

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 19, Issue 7)

by Michael Eng and Saloni Shah May 7, 2018

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced the reintroduction of the citizenship question on the upcoming 2020 decennial census on March 26. This marks the first time the question has been in the census...

Jessica Dickinson Good- man ‘07 speaks at the February meeting. Goodman was sworn in as a member of the Human Services Commission, a voluntary advisory body for San Jose, in January. Her goals are to improve transit for women and children, increase disability access in San Jose and invite an ICE spokesperson to speak to the commission.

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 19, Issue 6)

by Kaitlin Hsu and Sahana Srinivasan March 29, 2018

Jessica Dickinson Goodman '07, in her new capacity as a San Jose Human Services Commissioner, is tackling the impact that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has on San Jose families. Dickinson...

Two women protest with a sign saying We all deserve respect and a leader that can speak in complete sentences! Over 150,000 protesters took to the streets of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose for the Womens March 2018.

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 19, Issue 4)

by Aditya Singhvi, Reporter February 6, 2018

Women's marches took place in various United States cities on Jan. 20, the anniversary of the inauguration of President Trump. These marches were intended to protest the Trump administration's policies...

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 19, Issue 3)

by Vijay Bharadwaj and Kaitlin Hsu November 16, 2017

About a year ago from Nov. 9, Donald Trump was officially elected as President of the United States. Over the course of a contentious campaign, Trump made several promises to his constituents and supporters...

CHWYM: Trump administration rolls back DACA program (Volume 19, Issue 2)

by Farah Hosseini and Sahana Srinivasan October 12, 2017

Franco Vidal, a sophomore at California State University Northridge studying film, checked his phone during a meeting on Sunday, Sept. 5. He saw a news alert on his phone, and disorientation set in. “I...

Protesters gather in Seattles Hing Hay Park to protest in favor of keeping the DACA program and protecting illegal immigrants from deportation. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, along with attorney generals and a governor from nine other states, gave President Trump an ultimatum to terminate the DACA program, an initiative which protects illegal immigrants who came to the United States when they were 16 or younger from deportation, before Sept. 5.

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 19, Issue 1)

by Eric Fang and Maya Kumar September 6, 2017

Healthcare Despite President Trump's campaign promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, the GOP push to repeal the act has been effectively killed in the Senate...

Trump signs an executive order. He has continued to sign and update executive orders since their initial implementations.

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 18, Issue 6)

by Neil Bai and Ria Gupta March 28, 2017

Since President Trump’s inauguration, he has signed over 15 executive orders, implementing new policies indicative of the direction his administration is going and will go. While his immigration executive...

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 18, Issue 4)

by Nicole Chen, Maya Kumar, and Nisha Shankar January 24, 2017

President Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States in Washington, D.C., on Friday, after winning the 2016 presidential election. The inauguration ceremony began at...

Signs supporting candidate for Californias 17th congressional district Ro Khanna were put up in San Jose. Khanna won against incumbent Mike Honda and replaced Hondas seat in the House of Representatives.

Capitol Hill: What You Missed (Volume 18, Issue 3)

by Rose Guan and Katherine Zhang November 16, 2016

Besides the presidential elections, a lesser-known political race on Election Day this year was the election of the Representative of California’s 17th congressional district. California uses a nonpartisan...

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