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Ayushi Gautam
Ayushi Gautam (12) is the Managing Editor of Harker Aquila. She has been a part of the journalism program since her freshman year. She was the Social Media Editor of Aquila in her junior year and was the online Opinion Editor in her sophomore year. Her favorite part of journalism is being able to voice her opinions through her reporting. Ashi is also the Head of GenUN, a student initiative on the UN, and a ModelUN captain, Medical Club president, and member of FEM. During her free time, Ashi competes in vocal competitions for musical theater and Indian classical singing as well as classical dance. She was invited to sing at Carnegie Hall in 2014 and 2015.

Ayushi Gautam, Aquila Co-Managing Editor

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Obama supporters volunteer at election campaign center (Story)
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The end to every girl’s Homecoming dress crisis (Story)
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Director Kit Wilder choreographs fall play fight scenes (Story)
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