Editors’ Note (Issue 2)


Esha Gohil & Michelle Liu

Winged Post Editors-in-Chief Michelle Liu (12) and Emily Tan (12) hold up the newspaper initials along with Managing Editor Mark Hu (12).

by Michelle Liu, Emily Tan, and Mark Hu

We hope the first month of school has been going well for you all! 

Here at Winged Post Headquarters, we’ve kept our eye on both big international stories and local feature pieces. As our school lives ramp up, we want to continue being the first line of Harker history by documenting the story of our campus, and we hope you enjoy seeing your first month at school represented in paper and ink. 

You may have noticed some recurring titles with logos in the paper: “Global Reset,” “Pulse of the People” and more. These are our repeaters: broad topics that we feel are necessary to cover in every issue of the paper. We wanted to dedicate a section of our STEM pages to climate change, a pressing and pervasive issue affecting our society, hence the creation of our repeater “Global Reset”—so you can expect to see its blue and green globe logo at the top of a STEM page in each issue. With every iteration of a repeater, we deepen our coverage of the topic as a whole. 

But at the end of the day, as always, we create this paper for you guys, the Harker community— not ourselves. We welcome reader input, so please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with either a Letter to the Editor or with a request to write a guest column that may be featured in the Winged Post, on Harker Aquila, or both. We would love to hear from you—yes you!—about your thoughts on the paper. Can’t wait to hear what you think!