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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

This year alone, California has seen 39 power outages. The world consumed 176 quadrillion watt-hours of general energy in 2021, and the generation of electricity from coal emitted a whopping 868 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2022. Sourced from World Population Review and U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Global Reset: Energy use sparks climate concern

by Ashley Mo and Claire Zhao March 28, 2024

The hum of electricity halts. Lights flicker and extinguish. We’re plunged into a world of disorientation, our hands grasping for flashlights and candles in the eerie darkness. With nothing but our makeshift...

Light pollution mutes the sky over Los Angeles. “When you have city artificial lighting in the area, it brightens the night sky, just like the sun brightens the sky and turns it into day,” astronomy teacher Dr. Eric Nelson said.

Global Reset: Where have all the stars gone?

by Jonathan Xue and Ashley Mo February 23, 2024

Far above the Earth we inhabit lies an infinite abyss, scattered with universes undiscovered and galaxies unexplored. Through our night sky, we capture a fleeting glimpse of this world sublime, a window...

An illustration of a virus approaching the Earth. Global warming has led to increased disease spread, with warmer temperatures, greater animal migration and the uncovering of viruses from the permafrost.

Global Reset: How climate change infects our world

by Shareen Chahal and Kinnera Mulam November 16, 2022

We’re now living three years after the COVID-19 pandemic, an event that took the lives of 6.6 million and permanently changed our meaning of “normal.” COVID-19 isn’t the first nor the last of deadly...

Instances of extreme weather are rising, along with their impacts, placing increased populations at risk from climate hazards. The number of weather-related disasters has increased by a factor of five over the past 50 years, with human activity at the vanguard of causes.

Cloudy or clear: Our climate future rests in our hands

by Kinnera Mulam and Lindsey Tuckey October 20, 2022

Scorching temperatures and raging wildfires in California. Severe droughts in the U.S. and Europe. Catastrophic flooding in Pakistan and Italy. Devastating hurricanes across the world.  Instances of...

Summer Adler (9) scoops ice into a mason jar. Green Team has taken multiple environmental activism steps to open up climate activism opportunities for youth.

Global Reset: Fighting for a cooler future

by Kinnera Mulam, Co-STEM Editor August 24, 2022

“The seas are rising but so are we.” Waving signs streaked with color, protesters filled the sidewalks of downtown San Jose as they marched through the city. Drivers in the streets showed their...

Caption: Coachella generates over 1612 tons of waste, only 20% of which is recycled, and produces noise pollution reaching over 110 decibels. The sound level compares to that of a car horn and the volume can interrupt predatory activities in the area.

Global Reset: Coachella harms environment through plastic use, fast fashion and noise pollution

by Angelina Burrows, Ananya Das, and Kinnera Mulam May 30, 2022

Thousands of celebrities and influencers clad in carefully-selected outfits gather under the hot desert sun for the largest music festival of the year –– Coachella. For two weekends, attendees post...

A redwood tree grows at the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve in Los Gatos. These long-living organisms can reach heights of over 300 feet.

Global Reset: Hero of climate change

by Sabrina Zhu and Lavanya Subramanian January 28, 2022

harkeraquila · Aquila Audible of "Hero of climate change" Leafy branches, suspended dozens of feet up in the air, cast a gentle shadow on the trodden dirt path below. Small squirrels and birds scurry...

Winged Post Editors-in-Chief Michelle Liu (12) and Emily Tan (12) hold up the newspaper initials along with Managing Editor Mark Hu (12).

Editors’ Note (Issue 2)

by Michelle Liu, Emily Tan, and Mark Hu October 10, 2021

We hope the first month of school has been going well for you all!  Here at Winged Post Headquarters, we’ve kept our eye on both big international stories and local feature pieces. As our school...

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, Green Team hosted the multi-day long Harker EcoChallenge. Students and faculty members completed environmentally responsible tasks, like consuming meatless meals or travelling by bike, and submitted their accomplishments for points.

Global Reset: Food waste contributes to climate change

by Sabrina Zhu and Mark Hu May 19, 2021

Every year, $936 billion worth of food is wasted, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). These 1.3 billion tonnes, equivalent to one third of all food produced,...

Snow covers the quad next to the cafeteria at the University of Texas at Austin. The university closed campus on Feb. 14 and reopened on Feb. 24 due to the water outage and hazardous weather conditions.

Global Reset: Unprecedented snowstorms hit Texas and leave residents without power or water

by Alysa Suleiman and Sabrina Zhu March 2, 2021

When the first flakes of snow drifted down Tuesday, Feb. 16, covering the front of her apartment complex in Houston in a blanket of white, Meeah Bradford, a junior at St. John’s Academy, laughed and...

The Bay Area Sky turned shades of orange and yellow in September of 2020 due to the fires ravaging the state.

Global Reset: California struck by record wildfire season

by Mark Hu and Arya Maheshwari October 3, 2020

Fires have swept across California with over 3.7 million acres in land burned, as of October 3. The state has been dealing with the lasting effects of a harsh heatwave that prompted the California Independent...

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