How to draw Studio Ghibli characters

by Aastha Mangla, Asst. A&E and Lifestyle Editor

With the joys of summer beginning, memories of nestling in my bed to indulge in Studio Ghibli movies to celebrate the end of my exams flood me. This year, summer seems sweeter after a year in a pandemic, and when I watch “Howl’s Moving Castle” for the fifth time, I can fully appreciate the beautiful artwork that makes Studio Ghibli movies so appealing. While watching movies relaxes me, the bright screen can often be strenuous to one’s eyes, especially if they are perpetually staring at e-textbooks prior to their exam. Drawing is an excellent substitute to allow your hand to loosen up. 

Although drawing on paper is the best way to relax your eyes, digital drawing apps such as Medibang and Procreate work well, too. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to illustrate two beloved Studio Ghibli characters, big and fluffy Totoro from “Totoro” and gloomy and cunning No-Face in “Spirited Away.” While drawing Totoro requires more effort and precision than drawing No-Face, you can take any of these tutorials at your own pace and modify the level of detail to your preference to see your favorite iconic Studio Ghibli character come to life. Enjoy!