Goodbye, 2020. Hello, 2021.

by Michelle Liu, Winged Post Design Editor

As we say goodbye to 2020, the Harker community reflects on the most exciting, catastrophic and positive events that have affected their lives this year. What has 2020 allowed us to learn about ourselves? In the midst of all the chaos, shelter-in place has given us the time to turn our thoughts inward, focusing on our own self-reflection. 

“I think with all the challenges that 2020 presented, you really learn a lot about yourself. You learn you’re much stronger than you may think you are,” Alex Zhai (12) said.

What helped us get through what happened in 2020? Calls with our family, friends and classmates kept us connected to each other, helping us appreciate the positivity and joy that others can bring into our lives. Looking forward, these relationships need to be treasured and kept close to our hearts. 

2020 also brought the Black Lives Matter movement to the spotlight, in a long overdue nationwide fight for change in our country. As we head into a new year, we must continue advocating for social justice and racial equality.

“I think another big thing that happened in 2020 was just starting discussions on, for example, systemic racism. And that’s an issue that didn’t start in 2020. But it started a lot of conversations then, and those conversations will hopefully continue in 2021 and beyond,” Natasha Yen (12) said.

As we say hello to 2021, Harker students speak on what the new year can bring to our school, our country and the world we live in. They strive to learn from the many lessons and experiences that the past year has presented us with, and, above all, share a hope to reunite again in the future.

“Getting back into school and seeing everybody again, it’s not just about seeing your friends. It’s about seeing the whole community coming together,” Shayla He (9) said.