Senior spring online: making the most out of virtual college visits


The Boston University tour website.

Boston University is one of several colleges offering extensive online resources for prospective and admitted students. These involve interactive video chats through Zoom or other platforms that involve Q&A sessions.

by Gloria Zhang, Winged Post Editor-in-Chief

Congratulations! *Cue the confetti*

After months of waiting for “an update to your application status”, seniors, we finally reached the moment to embark on our college adventure.

Yet, instead of spending our spring break with air travel or road trips on the way to admit weekends, we have instead practiced proper social distancing and stayed at home. While this has become one of the strangest and most unprecedented senior springs, plenty of options to connect with your future classmates and learn more about your college experience awaits. 

Scroll down for a few tips on making the most out of your virtual experience.

Online panels and webinars

Schools across the country and internationally offer online panels and webinars that feature local alumni, current students, faculty and more individuals affiliated with the university. These involve interactive video chats through Zoom or other platforms, that involve Q&A sessions. 

Topics covered include financial aid, scholarships, student life, Greek life, career paths, academic counseling and more. Certain schools offer conversations with local Northern California alums, like Boston College, and one-on-one virtual counseling sessions, like Carnegie Mellon University. Colleges also provide multiple online panels with various topics over the next few weeks. Check your admitted students’ websites and emails for information from your schools.

Social media

One of the best ways to connect with fellow classmates and current students involves social media platforms. Most colleges have Class of 2024 Facebook groups managed by admissions committees. 

Facebook groups allow admitted students to interact with each other and post-introductory posts about themselves and their interests. Discover more about your school or schools through Instagram and Snapchat stories on official college admissions committee’s accounts, as well. In the stories, one current student takes over each day, sharing their experiences, answering questions and showing their day-to-day lives (often includes Zoom courses).

Prefer a fun method instead? Discover more about student life through watching a Day in the Life videos on Youtube. YouTubers, like Elliot Choy, John Fish, Shan Rizwan, Nina Wang and more, vlog their days from getting breakfast to attending classes. 

Direct Communication

If you have any specific questions, reach out directly to individuals. To understand more about student life and transitioning to college, connect with Harker alumni. Other sources of information include your alumni interviewers and regional representatives. Alumni interviewers are happy to share any advice or to answer any questions you may have, including academics, internships, major and minor selections and social life. Wondering about the various logistics of college? Contact your regional representatives. And always, email your Harker college counselors for any information regarding colleges.

Virtual Campus Tours

Due to the coronavirus outbreaks, colleges turn to virtual tours to provide information about the various facilities and areas on campus. These tours often involve panoramics of campus highlights, 360º interactive photos, a virtual tour guide and short video clips. They take you dining halls, academic buildings, libraries, dorms, student life centers and more.