From countrysides to cityscapes: Homecoming 2019

by Kathy Fang, Editor-in-Chief

Michael Eng

This year’s spirit rally wrapped up this year’s homecoming week on Oct. 11, bringing students and faculty together in the athletics center for a series of festivities and competitive events before Oct. 12 homecoming game against St. Vincent De Paul High School.

The cheer team kicked off the rally with their homecoming routine, after which students from each class participated in a scream-off and a lip sync competition. The Harker Dance Company then performed their homecoming number, staying in sync even in the face of technical difficulties with their music. 

Finally, teacher representatives put their music knowledge to the test in a game of “Name that Tune,” and members of the homecoming court raced each other in a relay across the gym.

Sophomores won the scream-off, and juniors placed first for the lip sync and relay. The results of the eagle competition were also announced at the rally, with seniors placing first and juniors placing second, followed by sophomores in third and freshmen in fourth.

Throughout the rally, the four classes bonded over each challenge and each triumph, uniting in cheers and chants in support of their peers.

“It’s this magical feeling when your class—which is 200 separate people, each with their own personalities—it’s truly magical when they’re all coming together, all cheering the same chant, all cheering for our class and making loud noises,” sophomore spirit coordinator William Chien (10) said. “It’s amazing because I get to witness that in its full intensity.”

Before the homecoming game, the sophomores and the freshmen faced off in the first round of the tug-of-war finals, with sophomores pulling into third place and freshmen placing fourth. During half-time, the seniors and the juniors battled for first place, and after a tight struggle between the two teams, the class of 2021 triumphed, taking first place while seniors took second.

Earlier in the week, a variety of activities and events ranging from an advisory parade on Oct. 8 to the tug-of-war semifinals on Oct. 9 and Oct. 10 built up spirit throughout the upper school community. Each day also featured a specific dress-up theme, and across campus, students and teachers donned unique outfits, dotting the hallways with cowboy hats, flashes of pink and swarms of black, white, green and yellow.

“Spirit has an amazing way of uniting our community in ways outside of the classroom that get brought inside the classroom,” Harker Spirit Leadership Team president Grace Hajjar (12) said. “You hear kids on spirit days super excited to be dressed up, things like that. It brings a sense of joy to campus… and I think it’s a really, really important part of making a community strong.”

Additional reporting by Michael Eng.

A shorter version of this piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on Oct. 17, 2019.