Dance show auditions launch preparation for annual production


Kathy Fang

Upper school dance teacher Karl Kuehn looks on as students audition for the annual dance production. Auditions took place on Sept. 14.

by Catherine Feng, Asst. Copy Editor

Auditions for the annual dance production took place on Saturday, Sept. 14. Students of all ability levels from all four grades were encouraged to audition, even if they had never danced before. This year, 173 upper school students auditioned, an indication of the popularity of the dance show. 

Everyone who auditions for the dance show was cast no matter their skill level. Based on their auditions, students are placed in a dance or dances, depending on their availability. Rehearsals for the production of the dance show start on Sept. 23 and will continue until the performance dates of Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. The schedules for the dance production will be sent out this week.

“It was a great experience because it was kind of professional, so it’s like preparing you for a real audition,” said freshman Eileen Ma, who auditioned for the first time. “It was really different because in middle school, it was more casual… but at the high school, it’s more legit.”

The theme of the two-act dance show this year is “Remix and Reimagine,” the first act being about remixing and the second being about reimagining. All the songs in the first acts will be remixes of the original, while all the songs in the second act will be a reimagined version of the original, like a cover, mashup or an acoustic version. 

“[The theme] provides enough structure for the choreographers to keep it fresh and interesting, but it is open ended, where they have a lot of freedom with the music that they can choose,” said upper school dance teacher and production director Karl Kuehn. “Because so many songs have different covers interpretations and remixes nowadays, different versions are easily accessible.”

This year there are eight student choreographers who have all taken courses in dance composition and choreography. The student choreographers choreograph their own dance in the production, as well as choose their own song, the deadline for which was Friday, Sept. 13.

 “I think that because it’s a more broader theme then in the past, we’ll have a lot of interesting song choices,” Chloe Chen (12), a second-year choreographer, said. “It’ll have a really diverse vibe and atmosphere because there’ll be a lot of different music choices from all sorts of genres, and also, all sorts of decades.”