Head of school Brian Yager hosts first Parent Connect meeting


Arushi Saxena

Head of School Brian Yager addressed a group of parents in his first annual Parent Connect meeting. In this meeting, Yager touched upon the recent accreditation process, as well as his hopes for the future.

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor

In a “town-hall” style meeting today, Brian Yager addressed three topics: Harker’s recent accreditation process, the new middle school campus, and future goals for the Harker community. Speaking in Nichols Auditorium, Yager spoke to approximately 30 parents of students from various grades, answering questions from the audience throughout the course of the evening.

Alighting on the recent accreditation process, Yager walked through the steps Harker underwent, as well as the commendations and suggestions proposed to the school by the reviewers. The accreditation process was run jointly by the California Association of Independent Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Giving Harker 30 commendations rather than the usual 15 in an unofficial report, the reviewers also proposed suggestions such as continuing efforts with wellness and balance, reviewing and simplifying Harker’s mission statement, exploring and reflecting on diversity at Harker, and utilizing data from alumni to affirm and refine the program.  

Yager then covered the plan for the new middle school campus. As the Blackford campus’ lease comes to an end, the middle school is expected to move to the Union campus by August 2021. Architectural layouts have been created, and with a few modifications for both recreational and extracurricular space, the campus will be ready for use.

Lastly, Yager highlighted his vision for the future. While addressing the suggestions from the accreditation committee, Yager also hopes to focus on the quality of students’ lives during and after Harker, working to prepare them as well as possible for the real world following high school.

“I hope to inspire students to understand and address the issues of their generation,” Yager said, “Our most important output of the school is [the] kids. Our output is, your kids prepared for their future. We always, as an institution, have recognized, and need to, even more so, realize that the lives that our alumni lead represents their success during their time with us.”