Curry Pizza House blends traditional Italian dishes with Indian curries


Shreya Srinivasan

Curry Pizza House offers a variety of pizzas including this one, the Tandoori Chicken Pizza. The restaurant merges Italian and Indian cuisines to create dishes called Desi Pizzas.

by Shreya Srinivasan, TALON Organizations and Co-Sports Editor

Crowds of people navigate their ways through the local farmers’ market while amateur musicians play their guitars, and children run on the grass and throw coins into the fountain. After cycling through all this action, families end the day at the many local business and restaurants in Evergreen Village Square. A new addition to this popular location is Curry Pizza House, a restaurant that provides dining with a fusion of Italian and Indian food in their pizza and other dishes.

Curry Pizza House recently expanded their chain to Evergreen Village Square last June. The restaurant is also located in several other locations in the Bay Area, including Milpitas, Fremont, Dublin and Cupertino. 

Stepping through the tall glass doors adorned with the restaurant’s logo, customers are immediately embraced by the smell of cheese melting, vegetables sizzling and meat cooking. Panels of screens on the wall above the counter display the extensive menu, in the back, employees prep food. Families chat and laugh while eating, and teenagers drop in for a quick lunch.

Wallpaper with images of autos, elephants, temples and more are plastered on several walls. Televisions mount the wall, showing the news and sports games while pop music plays in the background. Grey pendant lamps hang above classic diner-style seating on the outer edges of the restaurant while additional seating of wooden tables with silver chairs sit in the middle. The Indian culture, evident in the decor, carries into the dishes offered in the restaurant.  

The menu ranges from a classic Meat Lover’s pizza to a more unique Aloo Chaat pizza, a crowd pleaser at the restaurant. One section of the menu is Desi Pizza, which combines popular Indian curry dishes with a traditional pizza. One pizza in particular is the Tandoori Chicken Pizza, which has white sauce, cheese, several vegetables and tandoori chicken. The well-seasoned chicken pairs perfectly with the melted cheese and fresh taste of the vegetables. Featuring other traditional Indian curries, these pizzas also contain paneer masala and several types of chicken.

Alongside the main star of the restaurant, the menu offers appetizers and salads, including garlic sticks and caesar salad for a lighter meal. Hints of Indian fusion appear in the  appetizers, such as boneless tikka wings and tandoori wings, and pizzas, such as the chicken tikka masala pizza.

Even with over 20 pizzas to choose from the menu and the opportunity for customization, the restaurant is affordable and offers reasonable prices. Each pizza ranges from $13.99 to $29.99, depending on the size of the dish. Additional toppings can be added for a fee of two dollars. Smaller appetizers are priced at about $10.

Overall, the restaurant is perfect for families looking to grab a quick bite after a long day at the square. The vast number of options fits anyone’s preference and the Indian-style pizza opens customers’ eyes to a unique new cuisine. For anyone interested in trying a blend of two different cultures, Curry Pizza House is an ideal stop.