Can’t find the perfect Halloween costume in time? Make your own using these creative ideas!

Can’t find the perfect Halloween costume in time? Make your own using these creative ideas!

by Jay Thilking and Anjay Saklecha

Sometimes Halloween seems to creep up on us. Before you know it, it will be just a few days away, and you still have not bought a Halloween costume to wear! Sure, you could try taking a trip to the store or hoping that your shipment arrives in time, but why not try making your own simple and fun costume?

How about you go down the punny route! Wear a medal around your neck and draw or attatch bread onto your shirt and now you’re a “breadwinner.” If you make your own fish costume, you can tell everyone that you’re “a fish out of water.” You can also be a “fork in the road” by taping white or yellow stripes of paper down the middle of your shirt to mimic a lane divider. Then tape a fork somewhere along the road. If you want to be “Kool Aid” simply attach some band-aids to yourself and add the word “Kool” above them.

If you’re really out of time, there are still options! You could be an “identity thief” by sticking name tag stickers all over your shirt, or be a “computer error” by writing “Error 404 Costume Not Found” on a shirt. You could even be “50 Shades of Grey” by covering yourself with different shades of grey or “a bunch of fives” instead by covering your clothes with the digit five.

There are also plenty of options if you’re feeling more creative. To be a “flower pot,” you must first find a bucket or bin that you can cut out and attach to yourself by using straps to go around your shoulders. Make sure that it is small enough so that it is still comfortable! Then, attach plastic flowers around the rim of the bucket and possibly one on your head.

There are tons of options you can be by fitting a cardboard box around yourself as well! These can range from being a LEGO brick by using small cups as studs, a juice box using toilet paper rolls as a straw or even a recycling bin with a lid cut-out on the top.

As explained, there are infinitely many options to choose from your own DIY Halloween costume. Hopefully our suggestions have sparked some ideas, but if not, asking a friend or a simple web search will certainly provide you with the inspiration needed!

This piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on Oct. 17, 2018.