Harker’s 125th: The picnic in photos

by Anna Vazhaeparambil and Michael Eng

The 68th annual Family and Alumni Picnic, which was held at the middle school on Oct. 7, featured performances by students from all campuses as well as games and arcade booths for entertainment.

While some were a part of the dance and singing groups that performed, other high-schoolers volunteered at different stations: the robotics club helped out with laser tag, and students in art classes managed face painting.

“The Picnic is Kinetic Crew’s first performance [of the year], so it’s a way to see how we actually perform in front of an audience,” Vance Hirota (11), a member of Kinetic Crew, said. “It’s exciting because there’s a bunch of parents who come and watch, and we get to—especially this year since we have a new choreographer—show the different style that we’ve been taught.”

Shania Wang (12) and Lisa Barooah (10) talk to a visitor at the DECA booth at the picnic. There were a variety of booths offering entertainment and information at the picnic.
Upper school Spanish teacher Diana Moss takes a video of a young visitor at the picnic. The picnic attracted a wide variety of members of the Harker community, from lower school students to alumni.
Kenya Aridomi (11) lifts Emily Chen (11) during upper school show choir Downbeat’s performance at the picnic. The performance was followed by the lower school choir.
Kristin Tong (10) kicks during the junior varsity dance troupe’s performance at the picnic as the lower school choir looks on. The varsity dance troupe performed to a mix of pop songs.
Anjay Saklecha (12) dances with upper school boys dance group Kinetic Crew. Performers of all ages took to the stage at the picnic, from the lower school dance choir to the varsity dance troupe.
Brothers Shray Alag (10) and Ayush Alag (12) dance side by side during Kinetic Crew’s performance. Their dance came after the middle school concert choir.