GSA holds club week to raise money for charities supporting LGBTQ+ youth with counseling and shelter


Sara Yen

GSA sells baked goods along with rainbow bracelets after school on Tuesday. The first 600 dollars made will go to Outlet, a charity that offers counseling to LGBTQ+ youth, and the rest will go to Casa Ruby, a charity that gives temporary shelter and food to the most vulnerable of the LGBTQ+ community.

by Sara Yen, Reporter

The Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club fundraised for organizations supporting LGBTQ+ youth throughout their club week this week.

To raise money, members sold Hobee’s blueberry coffee cake during morning office hours and boba from Teaspoon during lunch on Monday. On Tuesday, the club handed out rainbow smiley face stickers during lunch and sold baked goods and rainbow bracelets after school. GSA continued to sell boba during lunch Wednesday and after school Thursday.

The first 600 dollars made went towards Outlet, a local charity that aids LGBTQ+ youth by offering free drop-in counseling. The rest of the money earned went towards Casa Ruby, which provides the most vulnerable of the LGBTQ+ community with temporary shelter, hot meals and legal counseling for immigrants.

During long lunch on Friday, GSA held a conversation-style Trans Talk in Nichols Auditorium to spread awareness of the experiences and struggles transgender people face. Co-president of GSA Emmy Huchley (11), who spoke in place of co-president Lou Sanche (11), and Elliot Kampmeier (9) presented and answered commonly asked questions about being transgender.

“We’re really just trying to help give people a perspective on how to be a good ally for trans people so that they feel like they know what’s going on and they don’t feel confused or worried,” Emmy said.

Art Club will be holding their club week next week.