Koi Palace: Harmony of dim sum and seafood


Sara Yen

Five Guys XLB is a dish with soup dumplings of five different flavors: natural flour skin juicy pork, beets skin fresh beets, squid ink skin black truffle, spinach skin kale and turmeric skin crab roe. Five Guys XLB is one of Koi Palace’s most famous dishes.

by Sara Yen, Reporter

Hastily weaving between tables, uniformly-dressed waiters and waitresses bustle from one group to another to serve the numerous customers that dine at Koi Palace. Laughter among friends and family and the endless babbling of babies merge into an indistinguishable patter of voices.

Right past the entrance, dozens of circular tables pack the room, with a mini-bar stationed in the left corner and the kitchen on the right. In celebration of Chinese New Year, bright red paper lanterns with gold accents and vibrant yellow tassels hang down from the ceiling lights while matching bundles of firecrackers line the entrance of Koi Palace. Traditional Chinese calligraphy is engraved into one of the walls, which oppositely faces a mural portraying the busy, hectic life in ancient China.

Sara Yen
Families and friends come together to enjoy the dim sum and seafood at Koi Palace. The restaurant is decorated with paper lanterns and firecrackers in celebration of Chinese New Year.

Every action in Koi Palace is fast-paced and efficient, with servers and cooks darting from one place to accommodate all guests. As a result, the interactions between the staff and guests are brief and limited.

The popular restaurant is known best for its seafood and dim sum, small food items served in steamer baskets. People of all ages enjoy Koi Palace’s wide array of dim sum, spanning from spring rolls to Hakka style fish bladder. The prices for each dim sum platter range from 3.25 dollars to 22 dollars.

Sara Yen
After biting into Koi Palace’s shrimp, pork and mushroom dumplings (shui mai), a rich, savory taste pervades the mouth. The shui mai costs 4.60 dollars.

Colorful picture-filled menus, written in both Chinese and English, depict the restaurant’s 929 dishes for dinner and dim sum. Customers can indulge in Koi Palace’s sweeter treats, such as its silky egg custard tarts and crispy sesame balls, or they can feast on more savory dishes, like its famous assorted soup dumplings (xiao long bao).

Overall, the restaurant’s vast amount of food offers variety, and its more unique dishes, such as its dry shrimp foie gras fried rice, stand out from the other dim sum places in the area. With endless chatter and continuous movement, the lively atmosphere of Koi Palace embraces its customers, compelling them to smile and relax.