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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Upper school mathematics teacher Bradley Stoll holds a heart shaped paper cut-out with the word share painted over it. Ever since becoming vegan in 2014, Stoll has discovered new ways of cooking and sharing his baked goods with others.

Meet your teacher: Cooking for community

by Alena Suleiman and Edward Huang March 28, 2022

harkeraquila · Winged Post Audible: Cooking for community Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus BC and vegan desserts may appear an unlikely combination, but upper school mathematics teacher Bradley Stoll...

Upper school Latin and world history teacher Clifford Hull examines excavated fossils that he has collected and stores in his room, Main 1. Hull is passionate about archaeology, collecting and the past, as evinced by objects atop his cabinet such as the bust of Caesar pencil holder and the American flag he was given when he first came to the country.

Meet your teacher: Excavating upper school history teacher’s world

by Sarah Mohammed and Tiffany Chang December 10, 2021

Bright green, pink and yellow orange squeezers; teapots from Finland from the 50s and 60s and mid 19th century Victorian Age relics of urinals are a combination of objects you’ll most likely never find...

Upper school Principles of Business teacher Patrick Kelly is the creator of Corporis, a Youtube channel that supplies educational science-related content. Kelly first founded Corporis in 2017 and is also a contributor to SciShow, a subsidiary of internet phenomenon Hank Greens CrashCourse.

Meet your teacher: Business teacher navigates the ins and outs of content creation

by Tiffany Chang and Shinjan Ghosh November 8, 2021

CrashCourse, with over 12 million subscribers and 1.5 billion total views, is well-known and well-loved by the student community. Whether you’re cramming for an AP exam or interested in learning about...

Upper school Intro to Journalism teacher Whitney Huang sits at her desk in the back room of the journalism classroom, holding her Harker Journalism mug. Huang, a 2008 alumna and Harker lifer, returned to Harker due to her deep connection to the schools culture and environment.

Meet your teacher: A return to Harker, 20 years later

by Sarah Mohammed, Features Editor October 3, 2021

Thumbing a photograph from 2000, new upper school journalism teacher and Harker alumna Whitney Huang (‘08) laughs with upper school activities director Kerry Enzensperger, recalling fondly each of their...

Upper school Latin teacher Scott Paterson shows his son, Virgil, holding some Amanita Muscaria mushrooms in Jan. 2020.

Meet your teacher: Mad for mushrooms

by Sally Zhu, Humans of Harker Profiler March 24, 2021

Upper school Latin teacher Scott Paterson kneels in a large forest in camping gear, holding a bright red Alice-in-Wonderland mushroom with his son Virgil. He’s featured in more photos, smiling and holding...

Upper school economics teacher showcases the myriad of board games he enjoys playing, whether it be with friends, family or his advisory. The big draw to me is that board games allow you to connect with people in ways that you normally wouldnt be able to, Lizardo said. Because sometimes were just looking at a screen or playing video games, you dont actually get to see or talk to these people.

Meet your teacher: Economics teacher finds joy in board games

by Arely Sun, Winged Post Lifestyle Editor February 18, 2021

Behind his desk, upper school economics teacher Dean Lizardo keeps a stash of board games, stuffing the cubby of his tall bookshelf full of multicolored boxes.  “It would probably be pretty clear...

“I have a habit to live in the moment, whether thats taking a bunch of photos or writing down in my journals specific little moments that I thought were really nice,” Roberts said. “I think more and more now, really trying to live in the moment and trying to appreciate every single aspect of whats going on around me is definitely something I try [to] live by.”

Meet your teacher: Journalism teacher finds confidence through skiing

by Sally Zhu, Humans of Harker Profiler October 11, 2020

Imagine looking out at the beautiful Colorado mountains, which rise high above the rest of the world, covered in a blanket of snow. Imagine standing at the top of a slope with hundreds of feet of snow...

Gesturing with her hands, computer science teacher Anu Datar shows an Indian dance move. “I feel that dance actually makes me a better teacher because when I go to my dance teacher, and she teaches me something really complicated, I realize that it takes a while to master something,” Datar said. “So I think I developed empathy toward students who were struggling with things in class because I myself experience that when I go dance.”

Meet Your Teacher: Computer science teacher embraces the culture of Indian dance

by Anna Vazhaeparambil and Catherine Feng October 17, 2018

Cheers erupt from the crowd at the NrityaGuru Annual Show as the curtains slowly open, revealing 11 dancers clad in brightly colored salwar kameezes, which are traditional Indian garments that consist...

Biology teacher Dr. Thomas Artiss tends to a beehive. I could stand and watch the hive for half an hour, Artiss said.

Meet your teacher: Biology teacher experiences joy of beekeeping

by Jessie Wang, Reporter September 2, 2018

A low buzzing fills the air as biology teacher Dr. Thomas Artiss approaches his beehive. Clad in traditional beekeeper wear — wide brimmed hat, mesh faceguard, white full-body suit and all — Dr. Artiss...

Meet your teacher: History teacher strives for inner balance

Meet your teacher: History teacher strives for inner balance

by Mahika Halepete and Helen Yang May 14, 2018

Silence seeps into the air as a group of people sit together, meditating—then, chants begin to echo as they recite the names of gods in Hebrew through a harmony of songs. When the clock strikes exactly...

Stahl dances the evening away with tango partner Sam Safadi. “If you want something challenging, then challenge yourself with Tango,” Stahl said.

Meet your teacher: Math teacher moves to the music through tango career

by Rose Guan and Kathy Fang March 31, 2018

A singer fills the air with a plaintive melody. Dozens of tango dancers locked in tight embraces sway in time with the rich music, covering the room with intricate series of steps. Among them is...

Allersma demonstrates her frisbee skills. Allersma has played both competitively and recreationally.

Meet your teacher: Physics teacher plays in tight-knit Ultimate Frisbee community

by Helen Yang, STEM Editor March 8, 2018

Aside from being a full-time mom and physics teacher, Dr. Miriam Allersma is also an ultimate frisbee lover. Having participated in the sport for over fifteen years, she has had many exciting experiences...

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