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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Seniors Matthew Goetting, Fiona Yan, Emily McCartney and Harshini Chaturvedula catch up with their eagle buddies over lunch at Davis Field on Friday. Students talked with their Eagle Buddies before participating in a variety activities.

Seniors and sophomores bond with Eagle Buddies in first event of school year

by Ariana Goetting, Ashley Mo, and Lily Shi September 29, 2023

Seniors and sophomores met with their Eagle Buddies for the first time this school year on Sept. 22, with sophomores visiting the Bucknall campus and seniors meeting their buddies at the upper school. The...

Students play wall ball on the lower school campus during the sophomore eagle buddies event. “I think it benefits both sides tremendously,” Lower school Dean of Students Walid Fahmy said. “The third graders get to see what theyre going to look like, and what things are going to be like as they get older. When youre a kid, everybody always wishes they were older. And then when you get to that point with the tenth graders, they come back and theyre like, ‘Oh my god, I miss this.’”

A day of festivities and engagement: seniors, sophomores meet eagle buddies, juniors, frosh participate in LIFE assembly

by Anwen Hao and Vika Gautham October 7, 2022

Smiles bloom on sophomore and seniors’ faces as they meet their Eagle Buddies for the first time. Their relationships would only strengthen as they proceed to engage in outdoor activities in the lower...

Diya Mukherjee (10) reads a note from her Eagle Buddy during lunch at the upper school on Nov. 12. The cards, written by third graders in response to notes sophomores had sent two weeks prior, were delivered to sophomores that morning after a LIFE session.

Across campus and age differences: Eagle Buddy program unites Harker community

by Trisha Iyer, Asst. Features Editor December 8, 2021

Heated discussions vying for possession of colored pencils and markers crowded the air of many classrooms during a special Oct. 20 hour-long advisory period. During this time, the sophomore class took...

Maddie Hansen (10) converses with her Eagle Buddy over a lunch of burgers and chips on the Bucknall field. The class of 2022 traveled to the Bucknall campus to meet their Eagle Buddies for the first time yesterday.

LIFE, Eagle Buddy events build healthy lifestyle, community for students

by Kathy Fang and Irene Yuan October 22, 2019

Upper school students engaged in a variety of LIFE and Eagle Buddies activities yesterday, kicking off this year's LIFE and Eagle Buddies program. Freshmen participated in a course planning activity with...

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