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Editorial: Courage and activism of MSD survivors provide hope for change

March 6, 2018

Rose Guan It happened again. Another mass shooting at yet another school—yet another senseless tragedy. Yet another evening news broadcast full of crying faces of children and parents mourning the 17 lives cut short by yet another young white male, this time on Valentine’s Day, this time in Florida. Any mass shooting in America today is met...

Living in the present

At the end of fifth grade, my family’s car was hit by another on the freeway. No injuries were apparent at the time.

by Vivian Jin, Reporter

February 25, 2018

I had a great time in Harker Lower School. I gathered bouquets of flower-like autumn leaves to give to teachers, slid over fields of frost-glazed grass with my best friends, combed through the playground tanbark for colorful beads to collect and completed lots of interesting assignments with a touch ...

Living in the shadows

This cartoon depicts what it feels like when I am constantly being compared to my sister. All the light and glory shines on her, while I’m sitting behind in her shadow enveloped in darkness where no one can see me.

by Laura Wu, TALON People Editor

February 21, 2018

“Oh, I know your sister!” These are the words that I always hear but never really want to. I love my sister, but it is never enjoyable to be in another person’s shadow and continuously compared to them. I am forever known to others, especially teachers and upperclassmen as my older sister’s sibling....

iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy S8

The phone has evolved throughout the past two decades, with the Apple iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 emerging as two of the premier present-day smartphones. In every category including price, display, battery life, processing speed, camera capabilities, and unique features – the Samsung Galaxy S8 trumps Apple’s iPhone 8.

by Andrew Chang

February 5, 2018

Ever since the insurgence of smartphone devices, there has been an enduring debate surrounding the choice between the two evident technology giants and leading competitors in the mobile industry – Samsung and Apple. The question surrounding which company sports a better device has prompted both tech g...

Heart of Harker: An open letter to Logan Paul

by Sameep Mangat, Guest Writer

February 5, 2018

Dear Logan Paul, I don’t think you get it. That, more than anything, is my problem. Despite your apology, you seem to be missing the point. Making a mistake is not the issue at hand here. Filming and making a mockery out of someone who took their own life is. If you had even some sense of morality, yo...

Starting life as a second semester senior

Krishna Bheda (12) motions to start her car before backing out of her new parking space. With the beginning of the second semester, seniors who requested a parking spot were given one on campus.

by Krishna Bheda, Columnist

February 5, 2018

My vision was blurred, my legs felt like lead, and the dream I had was way cooler than school. While struggling not to fall back asleep, I mentally scanned through my day under the comfort of my fluffy green sheets and groaned at the thought of entering the brisk morning air. I felt this way until I re...

Dialectic: Time’s Up

While the #MeToo movement has encouraged cultural change in high-profile workplaces like Hollywood, many women continue to face sexual harassment. The Time's Up legal fund has been established by members of Hollywood to help survivors with legal defense.

by Adrian Chu and Sahana Srinivasan

February 5, 2018

WP: Do you believe the fact that Harvey Weinstein was the first man to be exposed by what would later become the Me Too movement is suggestive that this problem of men in power abusing their positions is uniquely related to Hollywood's culture, or was this more spurious? So how closely related do you...

Super-Saturated: Claims of superhero movies oversaturating the film market are overblown

Super-Saturated: Claims of superhero movies oversaturating the film market are overblown

by Anjay Saklecha, Winged Post Copy Editor

February 5, 2018

It’s amazing how far we’ve come since Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” hit theaters in 2000. Viewed by many as ground zero for the comic book movie era, its success ushered in a new wave of blockbusters that included Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” series, launching in 2002; Christopher Nolan’s “Dar...

Amid grief, we find support in community

by Editorial

February 5, 2018

Some have taken the recent sexual assault at the middle school campus as a sign that something needs to change: whether that the school should strengthen its security, or that the culture of sexual assault in this country has persisted far too long. The school has certainly responded to these claims, and ...

Learning to let go

Learning to let go

by Arushi Saxena, Reporter

February 3, 2018

As we stepped into the Valley Fair Mall parking lot, my mother and I heard a shout in the distance accompanied by the loud honking of a car. We continued along the row to where our car stood, but in between our car and the next was a large golf cart, belonging to security. The flashing yellow lights blinded me for a ...

A new sophomore’s experiences

Jessie Wang (10) works at his laptop on homework. Jessie started attending Harker in his sophomore year.

by Jessie Wang, Reporter

February 3, 2018

When I entered Harker, unlike most people, I wasn’t a preschooler, a sixth grader, or a freshman. I was a sophomore. It has been one semester since school started, one semester since I became a Harker student. My first week or so at Harker was an interesting one to say the least. The first real e...

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