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2016 NFL draft exposes college lifestyle debate

2016 NFL draft exposes college lifestyle debate

by Alex Youn, TALON Sports Editor

May 4, 2016

Lights. Camera. Action. Last fall, hundreds of men donned their helmets, then prepared for 60-minute wars on college turf. Last night, 32 of these men dressed in suits and stepped onto the red carpet to start their NFL careers. Although NFL prospects soak in the spotlight of fame while the league’s...

Beyond the Game: Bryant and Curry’s careers highlight the importance of sports media

Kobe Bryant (left) and Stephen Curry (right) both had record-breaking performances on Apr. 13. But the interesting maturation of both players suggests the vital role of criticism in sports and media perception in sports.

by Alex Youn, TALON Sports Editor and Aquila Columnist

April 22, 2016

372 miles separated the end of an era and the rewriting of history. In Los Angeles, 37-year-old Kobe Bryant capped off his 20-year, illustrious career with a vintage 60-point clutch performance, a Hollywood-esque denouement to his NBA life. Meanwhile, in Oakland, the reigning NBA MVP, 28-year-old...

Beyond the Game: Single-elimination games expose flaws in social judgment

Senior Oklahoma Sooner guard Buddy Hield, who averaged around 25 points per game, won the James A. Naismith, which is awarded to the best college basketball player, this past Sunday. The University of Oklahoma lost 51-95 against Villanova University in the Final Four. By not winning it all, Hield seemingly did not match his being recognized as the top collegiate player, even though his season proved excellent by collegiate standards.

by Alex Youn, TALON Sports Editor and Aquila Columnist

April 4, 2016

May the best team win. An unpredictable combination of grueling losses whittled 68 teams down to just one: the Villanova Wildcats, who, in a storybook ending, upset the top-seeded University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Tar Heels 77-74 on a three-point buzzer-beater. As with every March Madness t...

Beyond the Game: Maria Sharapova’s admission to using meldonium raises concerns about drugs and gender-bias in sports

Maria Sharapova was the highest paid female athlete in 2015 with a total earnings of $29.7 million. After she admitted to using a recently banned substance known as meldonium, several major sponsors have suspended their deals with the tennis star. Her situation has spawned a debate around drug use and gender bias in the sports world.

by Alex Youn, TALON Sports Editor and Aquila Columnist

March 15, 2016

Maria Sharapova, seventh-ranked women’s tennis player in the world, admitted to testing positive at the Australian Open for the recently banned drug meldonium in a press conference on March 8. According to Sharapova, she had been taking mildronate (also known as meldonium) for the past 10 years to tr...

Beyond the Game: Money: 1, Sports: 0

Although an estimated 111.9 million Americans watched Super Bowl 50 on TV, such sporting events are becoming more expensive to witness in person. With ticket price dictating who gets to attend the event, money plays an increasingly larger role in sports. Ultimately, these higher ticket fees may dampen enthusiasm for the sport.

by Alex Youn, TALON Sports Editor and Aquila Columnist

February 20, 2016

Let’s say someone wrote you a check for $5,134. That amount of money can cover the average worker’s salary for six weeks, purchase an 11-night Caribbean cruise (three times), and buy about eight iPhone 6s’s. It could have also bought you a decent – but not great – single ticket to Super Bowl 50...

Beyond the Game: Response to Vikings’ kicker debacle highlights social media flaws

Minnesota Vikings' placekicker Blair Walsh as he waits on the sideline. Walsh, whose missed game-winning field goal in the National Football Conference Wild Card game against the Seattle Seahawks sparked millions of hostile social media posts, felt the brunt of the blame, even though the rest of his team was even more responsible for the loss.

by Alex Youn, TALON Sports Editor and Aquila Columnist

January 21, 2016

Imagine you’re a placekicker for an NFL team, you have played only seven times in a 60+ minute game, and the fate of your team’s entire season relies on you converting a go-ahead field goal (in the third coldest game in league history). Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh faced that exact situation. With 25 seconds left in the National Football Conference Wild...

The dark reality of fantasy sports

The photo depicts the average fantasy basketball lineup. In fantasy sports, drafting players and setting lineups often involve risking money based on a players' skills and individual contributions to the fantasy team.

by Alex Youn, Talon Sports Editor

November 6, 2015

As incessant technological advancements continually replace the prevalence of interpersonal communication, they also replace human experience with a virtual reality. Technology, especially in the sports-gaming industry, gives us the opportunity to digitally encounter goals that we may only dream to accom...

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