Behind the counter at Joe Coffee in New York City

by Jessica Tang and Tiffany Chang

NEW YORK — Behind the counter at Joe Coffee in New York City

Location: 2950 Broadway Pulitzer Hall, New York NY 10027

Abel Alvarez, Joe Coffee Barista: Our co-founder Jonathan Rubinstein, he started off a small coffee shop at the Waverly Place. in Greenwich Village. He saw this small location and he envisioned it to be a welcoming and quality coffee shop.

Alvarez: I’m currently a barista. I’ve been a barista for about eight months with Joe Coffee shop. It’s been really good. I love my coworkers. I love coming in and making people happy in the morning, getting good coffees. Once school is in session, so it’s very busy. We like to call it “waves” of customers that come in and out. There’s a lot of people that come in and just study and they sit and do group work and everything. It’s constantly moving and working and bringing out coffee.

Annie McManus, customer: We came to Joe’s coffee because we’re looking at the campus for my son, who’s going to be a freshman here next year. It’s very bright and sunny. It’s a nice place to study. It’s pretty. This coffee is very good. It is good. I will come back to Joe’s coffee and get a latte again.

Alvarez: Everybody helps out. This is like a whole family here in Columbia, especially. We have three locations that we rotate and everybody knows each other and everybody helps each other as well.