Students craft up creative costumes for Halloween

Students and faculty donned a variety of costumes from internet memes to childhood show characters and even other community members to celebrate Halloween on Oct. 31. In addition, Harker Spirit Leadership Team ran a contest for best costumes, with winner Avery Olson for Best Overall, Sarah Westgate (11) and Phoebe Castle (11) for Best Pair, Fern Biswas (10) for Most Creative and Jacob Fernandez (12) for funniest costume. Frosh Spencer Chang, Stanley Chen, Kairui Sun and Luke Wu took the Best Group award, and the Office of Communication ruled in the Best Faculty category.

Check out the costumes of several students in the video below.

Jeremy Ko (12): I’m dressed up as a worker from the boba store, boba chain store Happy Lemon. I decided to dress up as a worker from Happy Lemon because I currently work there, on the weekends. I have a Happy Lemon, which is a required part of our Happy Lemon [job]. And then above the shirt, I have a big apron, which basically protects your shirt and your pants from any stains. This is a jug of oolong tea that has been sitting out for a bit too long, but I’ve been giving it out to people today.

Isabella Ribeiro (11): Okay, so I’m Piglet, [from Winnie the Pooh]. So I have these ears, I just like took an old headband that I had and I printed out these ears and I taped them on. And then the shirt I got from Amazon, I just searched up “pink striped shirt.” And then I have leggings and Air Force’s.

Shareen Chahal (11): I’m Eeyore. So I don’t have the ears because I didn’t have time to make them. But that’s okay, I have this shirt I bought from Michaels, and this was part of a shirt that was bought from Michaels and I cut it up and stuck it on.

Isabella: I feel like everyone kind of knows [our characters]. Because they’re easily recognizable and they’re like really iconic, I guess. And they’re fun because there’s something about just dressing up as childhood characters that’s kind of fun.

Ava Arasan (12): So I’m dressed up as “Girlboss” from the trio “Gaslight, Gatekeep and Girlboss.” And it’s really nice to be wearing a suit, [I] feel very powerful, very confident. One reason for the whole confidence is that I’m wearing my mom’s clothes and my mom has impeccable fashion sense. So the whole suit is hers as well as this shirt.

Additional reporting and videography by Shareen Chahal, Victor Gong, Vika Gautham, Saahil Herrero, Isabella Lo, Alena Suleiman and Jessica Wang.