Junior Classical League holds weekly certamen practice for regional tournament


Anika Maji

Junior Classical League vice president Trisha Iyer (10) and president Rupert Chen (11) converse during certamen practice on Feb. 23. Members of JCL gathered in the Quad on Feb. 23 to play certamen ahead of California Regional Certamina Rounds on Saturday.

by Anika Maji, Reporter

Junior Classical League (JCL) held its weekly certamen practice after school this past Wednesday in the Quad in preparation for the California Regional Certamina Rounds (CaRCeR) that took place virtually yesterday.

Certamen, which means “contest” in Latin, is a fast-paced quiz-bowl style game where players buzz in to answer questions related to the classics. During practice this past Wednesday, JCL vice president Trisha Iyer (10) and secretary Nicholas Wei (11) read out questions covering topics such as mythology, mottos and Roman history. The other attendees, JCL president Rupert Chen (11), Kabir Ramzan (10), Tiffany Chang (11) and Jeremy Ko (11), clapped or called out “buzz” to buzz in.

Hosted approximately a month before the California Junior Classical League (CAJCL) State Convention on April 1 and 2, CaRCeR is a regional certamen tournament which determines the teams that will qualify for the semifinal certamen rounds at State Latin Convention.

Trisha expressed disappointment over the cancellation of earlier plans to host the event in person, but she remains optimistic about the upper school’s chances at CaRCeR, as they have been going through packets of previous questions to prepare for yesterday’s event.  

“It’s not the same, but I think that at least having practices in person does contribute to that sense of team bonding,” Trisha said. “There’s something different about being in the same room, and all of the body language that you can tell, that you can use to communicate with your team members and just play off of each other’s energy and knowledge.”