Upper school student council connects community virtually


Provided by Yejin Song

Attendees laugh at upper school Director of Learning, Innovation and Design Diane Main’s joke during a Zoom cook-off held by junior class council, where contestants gave presentations and taste tests of their dishes.

by Anmol Velagapudi and Arjun Barrett

The upper school Associated Student Body (ASB) and class councils aim to continue events like Zoomchella, previously known as Quadchella before quarantine, in order to emulate a more realistic school environment during online learning.

“I think it’s to cheer up everyone a bit. Through the fun events during quarantine, we are trying to maintain a sense of community in the virtual environment,” ASB Secretary Helen Li (12) said. “The central theme here is just emulating the sense of community for everyone to feel at home not only because we are all physically at home but make the virtual Harker community feel like home too. Student council is trying to make the most out of challenging times like these for every single member of our Harker family.”

As the head of the community service committee on student council and president of the junior class, Dawson Chen (11) has worked with others on the council to bring various volunteer opportunities for students.

“We’re compiling a list of virtual volunteer opportunities with [Ms. Enzensperger] that should be up this week and we’re starting a monthly spotlight project where we publicize one student-run community service initiative each month,” Dawson said. “We’re also setting up a joint event with nearby public schools to discuss ways of supporting one another in remote learning and to set up a coalition to potentially organize some joint fundraisers together in the future.”

Kris Estrada (10), a member of the Happiness Committee and the new Unity Committee, strives to boost student morale with new activities and events.

“We are working on these Wednesday Weeklies that we send out on Schoology. They’re just like an open forum, where we post like these jokes, fun facts, puzzles for people to solve, and there’s just an open space for them to respond and just get like a shout out in the next week’s edition,” Kris said. 

Along with continuing initiatives like Valentine’s Grams, the Student Events Committee and Happiness Committee looks to do more events such as Staff Spotlight Project as well as a pickup project to make a pickup day in the future with more tangible items delivered by the student council.