Classes participate in virtual bonding activities during spirit kickoff


Lucy Ge

Harker Spirit Leadership Team president Lisa Barooah (12) introduces spirit kickoff at the junior class meeting. This year, students participated in activities over Zoom to earn spirit points.

by Lucy Ge, Winged Post News Editor

Students attended spirit kickoff in their class Zoom rooms and participated in activities prepared by the Harker Spirit Leadership Team (HSLT) and the Student Activities Board (SAB) on Monday. 

After advisors took attendance, students engaged in opportunities to earn spirit points, including a game of guessing classmates’ baby photos, a Kahoot with fun facts of members of the class and an escape room puzzle in randomized breakout rooms.

Planning for the event began back in August with virtual collaboration and meetings. 

“We were just brainstorming, doing our best, and we came up with like 50 ideas and trimmed it down gradually,” Associated Student Body (ASB) Spirit Coordinator Calais Poirson (12) said. “So it was interesting, we kind of had to invent something that hasn’t existed before.”

Although having everyone participate in breakout room activities was a challenge, HSLT and SAB officers reported seeing collaboration in some rooms they checked in on. 

“I helped run the freshman spirit kickoff, and one thing I saw was that in their breakout rooms, I thought that the freshmen were super engaged,” HSLT executive secretary Rohan Varma (12) said. “At least the six groups I managed bonded really well and had some good discussion.”

SAB officer Spencer Cha (11) recalled that the number of participants in the junior Zoom kickoff meeting declined even before the breakout rooms were opened, saying that the event “could have gone better.” However, he liked the way that the first two kickoff activities played out. 

“The baby pictures and the Kahoot game were actually quite successful,” Spencer said. “They were good things to have in there that [encouraged] everyone to participate. Kahoot’s really great, because everyone’s competitive at Harker.”