Students travel to Great America for annual physics trip


Nicole TIan

Angela Gao (9) tries to maintain her balance on a ladder course. “I was really unsure about roller coasters last year,” she said. “This time, I went on Railblazer, and it was super fun.”

by Nicole Tian, Reporter

Students from all physics courses, mostly comprised of freshmen, traveled to Great America today as part of an annual physics trip. After departure from campus in the morning, students completed a mandatory lab where they determined the gravitational and normal forces acting on the rider at separate points on a roller coaster as well as where they felt the heaviest or the lightest. However, riding the roller coasters was not mandatory, and freshmen who chose to opt out could obtain the information from a peer.

When the lab was completed, the students were free to walk around the park and participate in activities such as riding roller coasters and swings or playing arcade games. Not only was it a chance to understand the physics behind amusement parks, but many students were also looking forward to spending time with their friends and enjoy the rides.

“The Great America trip was very fun and exciting, and it was just a nice trip to relax before a stressful week and an AP test,” Emily Zhou (9) said.

Those who were not able to attend will be completing a separate assignment at school.