Students make some noise during 1st annual ROAR


Irina Malyugina

Kai Burich (9) opens the freshman class Roar, marching into the gym while playing a large wind instrument. The freshman class placed fourth in the Roar event, behind the juniors, who placed third, the sophomores, who placed second, and the seniors, who placed first.

by Emily Tan, Reporter

The entire school, dressed in different themes by advisory, gathered in the Athletic Center at 9:35 this morning to watch the roar competition, as well as the volleyball championship game between the juniors and seniors. Seniors came out on top to win first place for the roar, followed by the sophomores, then juniors, and finally, the freshman.

After an especially intense back-and-forth final volleyball match between the junior and senior teams, both of which featured many junior varsity and varsity girls’ volleyball players, the seniors emerged victorious with the final score at 16 to 14 and then went on to face-off with the faculty.

The faculty-senior match was close at the beginning, but the seniors managed to pull away, winning the game with a score of 10 to 6.