School meeting recap 1/8/18


Kathy Fang

English teacher Charles Shuttleworth reminds students about the annual Shakespeare competition, which will be held at Harker on Jan. 18.

by Eric Fang, News Editor

The first school meeting after the two-week Winter Break began with Matthew Hajjar (12) leading the students and faculty in chanting “put your Eagles up”.

After, Grace Hajjar (11) and Adhya Hoskote (11) announced that a spring sports interest meeting would take place later that day at 1:10 p.m. Harker’s spring sports include track and field, swimming, boys volleyball and baseball. Grace and Adhya also gave the traditional Eagle update, informing the students of recent girls basketball and soccer matches.

Next, English teacher Charles Shuttleworth reminded students of the annual Shakespeare monologue competition, adding that extra credit may be available depending on the teacher. Students are able to access the complete list of 250 possible monologues in addition to the sign up sheet through Schoology. The deadline for registration is Jan. 18.

Evan Cheng (11) announced the inception of Harker Podcasts’ newest series – Courses at Harker. The series outlines the difficulty and expectations of many Harker courses. In addition, similar courses are compared through teacher interviews and the students’ personal experiences. Each episode ranges from 4-7 minutes, and 20 episodes have already been released.

After, Art Club’s Catherine Wang (12) encouraged students to attend Katrina Liou (12)’s art exhibit. Reception was later the same day at 12:45 p.m. during long lunch.

Ryan Guan (12) informed students of the upcoming North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO) on Jan. 24.

Next, on behalf of Student Council Food Committee, Matthew Hajjar (12) announced that Chef Adam, who had been in a car accident, will return to the school kitchen and students could sign a “Welcome Back” banner for him during lunch.

The meeting concluded with a video featuring each SDS play and their directors. This year’s directors are seniors Dilara Ezer, Emmy Huchley, Ellie Lang-Ree, and Neha Premkumar.