Construction finishes for the day after delaying school traffic


Ryan Guan

A sign in Main hall informing students of the excused tardy policy for today.

by Ryan Guan and Kathy Fang

The Department of Transportation’s construction on Saratoga Avenue has come to a close for the time being, according to an update sent to middle and upper school faculty members from Assistant Head of Student Affairs Greg Lawson. Facilities director Mike Bassoni, who spoke with the construction crew on site, reported to Lawson that the crew will resume their work and paint the lines on the road either later this week or next week, which Bassoni says will not be an intrusive process.

The Office of Communication will send an update on the situation to middle and upper school parents later this afternoon.

Traffic traveling to the upper school was magnified today due to construction on Saratoga Avenue, which closed the left two lanes of the ramp leading from Highway 280 onto Saratoga Avenue. As dozens of students were delayed by the road work this morning, the attendance office will not mark anyone tardy for arriving to first period late today.