Students, advisors meet for one-on-one advisee review sessions


Aditya Singhvi

Alex Kumar (9) meets with his advisor Dr. Mark Brada for his one-on-one advisee review session today. Students signed up with their advisors for 10-minute time slots on Monday during advisory.

by Aditya Singhvi, Reporter

Students and their advisors met for individual, 10-minute advisee review sessions in their respective advisors rooms today.

Students met during the time usually allocated to school meetings, advisory and morning office hours. Advisee reviews are intended to help students reflect on their year so far and have an honest conversation with their advisors to get advice or unload stress.  

Generally, I just ask them how things are going. I don’t usually talk about grades. If there have been any problems with grades, we’ve already talked about that, a long time ago,” sophomore advisor Susan Nace said. “We just talk about how things are going, what they’re planning to do, and what they want to change.”

Many students say they benefited from these review sessions as well.

“First we talked about my grades, then we talked about the different activities I’m doing, like volunteering and clubs,” Evan Cheng (10) said. “It pointed me in the right direction for finals because we talked about what classes to focus on to study for and which are probably pretty safe.”

Today’s sessions also provided advisors with a chance to reinforce their bond with their advisees by talking privately about what is happening in their lives.

“I think what is most important is that it gives me one-on-one time,” Nace said. “I already have a really awesome advisory, so this just gives me some time to connect with them on a one-on-one basis and to continue to build a relationship that we have.”

Meetings will continue on Friday, and there will be another set of review sessions next semester.