Editors’ note: represent and serve

by Kaitlin Hsu and Sahana Srinivasan

Welcome to Volume 19 of the Winged Post! We, as your new editors-in-chief, look forward to both continuing our publication’s tradition of journalistic ethics and excellence in coverage and  implementing changes to better serve our community.

This year, issues of the Winged Post will have a single section of 16 pages, but our mission as a publication remains to cover all events and topics important to our community, both local and international, in an unbiased and holistic manner.

Furthermore, the global news section is returning after a two-year hiatus so that we can better represent important international events while localizing them to Harker’s interests.

Several content repeaters will be continuing from last year, including a career profile, a feature on activism, political news recaps and a feature on climate change.

We also encourage members of the community to submit pitches for our Heart of Harker opinion column about what they believe represents Harker, or what matters to them as a Harker student, faculty or staff member.

The Winged Post also accepts letters to the editor, in which readers can respond to our publication’s articles and be published in a subsequent issue. To submit a Heart of Harker pitch or a letter to the editor, please email [email protected]

With only six more issues to go, we anticipate a year of informative discussion and community engagement with you, the readers.