Editorial: How to deal with academic burnout


Ryan Guan

It’s been a long year. and it’s both normal and valid to feel burnt out and exhausted. What is important to remember is that everyone feels burnt out at some point — it isn’t a sign of weakness, and most importantly, it will pass.

It’s been a long year. A really, really, REALLY long year. There’s less than a month of school left, and we’re all just about done with homework and APs, and we’re almost done with finals. The seniors graduate in two weeks. And in a matter of weeks, your year will be over too.

Whenever we feel stressed, we are inclined to blame ourselves. We get told to change our lifestyles, start early or not procrastinate. But most of us might not get around to that. And ultimately we feel responsible for our own state of mind.

If you’re burnt out, that’s okay. Seriously. Everyone is burnt out. Nothing’s wrong with you if you feel this way. You’re not “weak” just because you feel stressed from a class. And because you’re not alone, you should talk about it. Share your hardships with other people going through a similar experience and find solidarity. When we open up to each other, we can find solutions to cope and handle our time better. Sometimes, it’s the best that we can do.

Take pride in the little things. Getting out of bed is a more significant victory than you might think. It’s hard, because haven’t we all wanted to sink back into our mattress and not face the rest of the day? It takes courage and stamina, and you should own it.

Finals will soon be over. So embrace summer and take a break. You deserve it.

This piece was originally published in the pages of the Winged Post on May 11, 2017.