Humans of Harker: Sara Pachauri finds a passion for performing arts


Melissa Kwan

“I always want to keep singing in my life because that’s always been my number one passion. I perform to make other people happy and to keep myself happy. It has always been one of those things that gives me happier moments in life…In high school, I started taking voice lessons and getting more serious about what I loved. From there, I just grew and grew, and I think that every single audition and every single experience helped shape who I am,” Sara Pachauri (12) said.

by Maya Valluru, News Editor

From her introduction to singing as a performing art when visiting her family members in Connecticut to listening to artists during car rides, Sara Pachauri’s (12) love for music can be characterized as familial.

“Music has always been central to my family, even though it’s more of a silent thing. I have family in L.A., and we would always listen to certain songs when we drive there, like the Beatles, or Billy Joel, or Neil Diamond,” she said. “The road trips with those artists definitely influenced my voice, and whenever I listen to them it’s just such beautiful music. Whenever I think of music I think of a happy time. I do everything around music.”

From the moment she realized she had a vocal talent, she fell in love with the performing art. While at first she faced challenges with auditions while finding her place in the world of voice and theater, she truly began to make her mark after entering the Upper School.

“It all started when I was seven or eight, and my first musical was High School Musical because I just loved the movie so much,” she said. “Then, it all happened kind of by accident. In high school, I started taking voice lessons and getting more serious about what I loved.”

Sara talked about rehearsals being her favorite process of putting on annual musicals.

“Moving from the rehearsing in the room to rehearsing on stage—like that transition, seeing it all come to life—is the most thrilling part. Every single time, it’s just so magical and so cool that we have the ability to bring the story to Harker.”

Aside from her time on stage, Sara also enjoys spending time with her family every day as well as serving her community as a Girl Scout.

“Almost always, the best moments are always the little things. Just like watching movies with my parents or them teaching me how to cook. I’ve [also] been a girl scout for 11 years. We always do community service and I participate with Sunday Friends. I just loved playing with [the kids] and doing arts and crafts with them, and it’s just so much fun to just watch them draw and enjoy it.”

As a Girl Scout, she translated her artistry as a means of serving her community. To earn her Gold Award, she helped children learn English as a second language through song. She hopes to continue being involved in her community through her talent, whether it be through this kind of service or performing in community theaters.