Humans of Harker: Aman Navani’s passion for squash positively impacts him


Justin Su

“What motivates me is the feeling that there is always more to accomplish in life. What I have achieved thus far is just a milestone, there is much more that I can do in the future,” Aman Navani (12) said.

by Justin Su, Reporter

One of the biggest parts of senior Aman Navani’s life is squash, as he is a nationally competitive player.

“It’s not a very popular sport in the Bay Area; it’s an indoor sport, and I go to national tournaments where the top 32 in the U.S. compete, and I recently placed seventh there,” Aman said. “Squash is an individual sport but you can compete as a part of a team in which they take seven members and they do best out of seven.”

He has been playing for five years, as he started at the end of seventh grade. He plays two hours a day, but on weekends he plays close to four.

“My favorite destination is probably my local club [Bay Club Santa Clara] because it gives me a feeling of home,” Aman said. “It’s a community environment where I am surrounded by people I know very well and the sport I know and love, squash.”

His favorite item he posses is a bracelet, as it serves as a good luck charm when he goes into significant events.

“I wear a good luck bracelet when I play squash matches, I wear it when I take tough tests, I wear it when I’m going to college interviews, and it just gives me hope and good luck,” Aman said.

The most important advice he would give to lower classmen would be to live life to the fullest.

“There’s so much I missed out in the rush of seventh grade. All the time I spent studying, I missed out on so much in life,” Aman said. “Try activities I haven’t tried before, for example just recently, I tried skydiving. I didn’t get a chance in 11th grade because of all the studying. Take time away from daily life and explore new things.”

One of his regrets from this time was not attending one of the plays his friend was performing in.

“I was invited to a play that my friend spent a lot of time on, but there were some academic classes that took precedence over the play, so sadly I had to skip out on the play,” Aman said. “Everyone who attended the play said they really enjoyed it and wished I was there.”

Aman’s favorite quote is one attributed to Steve Jobs, “Those who are crazy enough to change the world are the one who do.”

“The people that have the alternate mentality, the drive to explore new things in unbound directions are the ones that set the course of the future,” Aman said. “Steve Jobs created Apple and the iPhone and made it happen just because of his alternate mindset and drive.”

The one person he would like to meet with is his grandmother due to her admirable qualities.

“I never got a chance to meet her because she passed away before I was born, but I really admire her determination and all the stories I heard of her. She was just a really hardworking lady,” Aman said. “If I had a chance to meet her, I would ask her about all the things I wasn’t able to experience personally.”

Finally, Aman defines success as reaching the maximum potential of one’s capability.

“Many people have a concrete goal of success, but I believe it’s variable from person to person. Basically stretching themselves to the extreme that they can,” Aman said. “What motivates me is the feeling that there is always more to accomplish in life. What I have achieved thus far is just a milestone, there is much more that I can do in the future.”