Calafia Cafe: Friendly Farm to Table

by Jenna Sadhu, Reporter

Former Google Executive Chef Charlie Ayers rented a 5,000 square space in the Town & Country plaza in Palo Alto, hoping to bring the delights of Google’s extensive cafeteria to the citizens of the Bay Area.

Calafia opened in 2009 and has been a success ever since. When first entering the restaurant, it looks somewhat bland. A sign that reads “Calafia Cafe” written in white Arial font hangs above the entrance. Once inside, the energetic ambiance somehow has a laid-back vibe, with wooden tables, steel chairs and colorful paintings and photographs on the ivory walls.

In the back of the restaurant, there is an open kitchen where customers are able to see their pizza dough being tossed in their air or their salads being chopped and mixed together to create the perfect green medley.

Calafia offers a separate menu for vegetarian and meat eaters. The contents of the menus change often, according to what the freshest catch of the week is or whenever the chef feels like there needs to be a change. Fresh, healthy smoothies are available like the “Google Gulp” made of soy milk and strawberries or the “Facebook Freeze” made of blueberries and peaches.

There is no dessert menu offered at Calafia, however, Tin Pot creamery is right next door if you’re in the mood for artisan ice cream.
iPads are located on each table in case you are hungry for more food, and don’t want to chase down a waiter. You can order food off of a menu on the iPad, and it will be brought to your table in no time.