Meet Fresh: Traditional Taiwanese desserts

by Helen Yang, Reporter

Fluorescent lamps hang from the high ceiling, illuminating the shop. A row of red lanterns with calligraphy are suspended above a pickup counter covered in complimentary napkins, cups, trays and utensils. A long sofa lies below photographs of various desserts that adorn the wooden paneling of the back wall. Asian pop music plays quietly in the background and the smell of tea and sweets floats in the air, creating a light, relaxed atmosphere. Sleek white tables paired with plush, padded wooden stools fill the shop, combining traditional Taiwanese decoration with modern elements.

Meet Fresh offers a variety of exquisite Taiwanese delicacies made using traditional processes and ingredients. Meet Fresh is located in Cupertino’s Main Street near several other bakeries and shops, and is accessible via Stevens Creek Boulevard.

Meet Fresh is known for its taro rice ball desserts, including its signature taro ball bowls. Taro ball bowls consist of sweet red bean soup and taro rice balls, along with a variety of other toppings like tapioca, lotus seeds, sweet potato, sesame rice balls and herbal jellies. In addition, Meet Fresh makes many different puddings, sweet porridges, teas, slushies, mochi and shaved ice.

Meet Fresh has a to-go option and also allows customers to choose whether they want their dessert served hot or cold. The combination of traditional Taiwanese delicacies and innovative drinks attracts people of all ages craving a quick treat and college students looking for a place eat, socialize and study.

Originally founded in Taiwan in 2007, Meet Fresh now has dozens of shops open in Asia, Australia, and North America, and will soon open another shop in Hacienda Heights. The shop in Cupertino is the only Meet Fresh location in the Bay Area. Similar shops include Dessert Republic, located in San Mateo.