Annual dance show fast approaching


Anya Weaver

Students rehearse a routine in the dance room after school. This year’s production features over 160 dancers in 24 dances.

by Nina Gee, Reporter

Run-throughs for the annual upper school dance show are underway at the Blackford campus as of Monday.

For the duration of this week, the dancers, having rehearsed an hour each week per dance beginning in late September, will be running through the entire show from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. to add the finishing touches to their routines. Monday’s rehearsal was also the first time that the stage crew tested lighting and prop movement.

This year’s dance show, themed “Circus,” will be divided into two acts. The first act, “Welcome to the Circus,” focuses on more general and recognizable circus themes. “Daring Acts and Sideshow Freaks,” the second act, is inspired by more riveting and enthralling circus acts, such as tightrope walkers and knife throwers.

The directors of this year’s dance production, upper school dance instructors Karl Kuehn and Rachelle Haun, purposely chose this theme due to its flexibility and room for extensive creativity regarding props, costumes, choreography and other dance elements of the like.

“I selected ‘Circus’ because I thought that it would be kind of a fun and cohesive theme that would enable student choreographers to explore new and exciting music, incorporate kind of fun props and ultimately dazzle the audiences,” Kuehn said. “I just thought that it would be kind of a good theme for a high school dance show.”

As always, the show will feature the pieces of students choreographers, who are given the opportunity to display their skills through choreographing several of the dances in the dance production. Ten juniors and seniors, all of whom are taking the respective choreography class, were selected for this year’s show.

With over 160 dancers participating this year, including nine faculty, this year’s production marks the largest cast in Harker dance show history.

“I think [people] should look forward to seeing some talented Harker students on the stage doing what they love. There are some fun faculty-membered numbers dancing and we have some interesting and unique props and surprises throughout the show, so it should be exciting,” Kuehn said.

The shows will be performed a total of four times: one during school hours for the Middle School on Friday, two for general audiences Friday and Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. and a Saturday matinee at 2:30 p.m. Tickets begin at $8 for students, $18 dollars for adults and $25 for reserved seats. They will be sold during lunch for the rest of the week.

The gallery below features pictures from last year’s dance production, titled “Mixed Tape: Songs to Dance To!”