Humans of Harker: Joelle Anderson uses soccer to relieve stress


Melissa Kwan

“It was the final penalty kick and my teammate went up to take it and when she scored, the entire team rushed onto the field,” Joelle Anderson (12) said.” “I can’t even describe the emotions I was feeling at the time. It was just amazing to win such a big tournament, it was like the biggest tournament in Spain and it was just so excited and shocked,” Joelle Anderson (12) said.

by Julia Amick, TALON Asst. Photo Editor

Ever since she started at a young age, playing club soccer as given Joelle an outlet to forget about the daily pressures of high school.

“Since I was young, it’s always been the thing I can count on,” she said. “It’s been something that I have always loved, my parents got me into it and it’s just always been there for me and it’s basically my entire life.”

As a midfielder, Joelle is an important central player that often dictates the organization of both the attack and defense of a team, in addition to keeping the team organized, Joelle also takes on leadership to keep her team pumped up.

“I definitely think I am a leader on my team, like I motivate them and they motivate me,” Joelle said.

In addition to being an activity she has always loved, throughout high school it has been a way that helped Joelle to conquer the hardship and stress of homework and maintaining good grades. Unlike other seniors, Joelle committed to Pepperdine University for soccer at the beginning of her sophomore year which allowed Joelle to avoid the taxing period of college applications that the rest of her classmates had to power through.

“It’s definitely less stressful than what everyone else has to deal with which is pretty helpful because I don’t have to get that stressed, it’s definitely a huge advantage” Joelle said. “I really am just trying to make them less stressed and to calm them down, and I know they are all going to get into amazing schools.”

Although Joelle didn’t go through the traditional path of filling out applications, Joelle spent her time going on visits and talking to college coaches.

“When I first visited Pepperdine, I met the coaches and I automatically knew that they were great people, and I just knew that I belonged there, like this is where I wanted to go.”

Joelle hopes that even after graduating she will be able to maintain the great friendships that she has cultivated at Harker over her many years here.