Saying goodbye to the seniors


Kaitlin Hsu

Ashwin Reddy (9) remarks on his most favorite memory of the senior class of 2016. “Meeting the seniors in the robotics club because they’re cool and funny,” he said.

by Kaitlin Hsu, Aquila Features Editor

With this year’s graduation ceremony at the Mountain Winery quickly coming up on Thursday, we bid farewell yet again to another class of seniors.

The class of 2016 enjoyed some well-deserved downtime at Laguna Beach and Disneyland for the annual senior trip, also signalling the close of 187 high school careers.

In the midst of finals preparation and summer plans, the rest of the campus is left a bit satisfied and a bit lonely‒proud of seniors embarking on this new and exciting journey known as college but also reminiscent of previous times spent with this year’s graduating class.

To commemorate the time the seniors have spent here at Harker, Harker Aquila asked students and faculty about their favorite memories with the class of 2016.



“Mostly, their spirit is really over the top. I interact with seniors in orchestra and physics, and I feel like they’re always the most energetic and happy and excited and spirited,” Joanna Lin (10) said. “In orchestra, when we went to Sonoma, all the seniors sang a song for Christopher Florio, and it was the funniest thing.”





“Meeting the seniors in the robotics club because they’re cool and funny,” Ashwin Reddy (9) said.






With the seniors, I enjoyed my classes with them. They were so energetic,” Japanese teacher Yumiko Aridomi said. “Also, whenever we had class competitions, they won.”





“In Interact, when we go to community service, it’s really fun just to get to know each other,” Jacqueline Gao (10) said. “Luke [Wu] and Kevina [Xiao] are very fun and entertaining.”





“My favorite memory with the seniors was probably from basketball season because it the seniors on the basketball team were really encouraging,” Lily Wancewicz (9) said. “They were really great team leaders, and I was really nervous about playing when I first started, but they made me feel a lot more comfortable.”