Navigating through the spring: Moderation is key to balancing our work and wellness during this time of year


Kaity Gee

Even amidst the commotion of springtime, it is important to balance work to avoid burning out by the end of the year.

With numerous items on the docket during the spring, whether it’s getting an A on the second-semester report card, a five on an AP, an acceptance letter from a college or even a “Yes!” to a well-prepared promposal, it would be an understatement to say that students are rather anxious at this time of year.

On one hand, these end-of-year results may impact our entire lives. Will this internship application essay make the difference between a college acceptance or rejection? Imagine what will happen if my junior questionnaire goes unfinished. How will I pick my Laguna roommate?

Following this logic, we devote more attention to the outcome, sacrificing our health, rest and happiness along the way.

Balancing schoolwork and student life is, and always has been, key to enjoying the high school grind. 

In a survey conducted by the Winged Post, students typically agreed that academic work causes the most internal stress when compared to extracurricular activities, college applications and other school-pertinent activities. Moreover, about 75% of responders claimed that they had two hours or less to themselves each day.

Balancing schoolwork and student life is, and always has been, key to enjoying the high school grind. 

But it becomes critical now, especially when a final push may potentially tilt the results in our favor, that we moderate our workload and prevent feeling burnt out come the summer.

Consider the many outlets that Harker offers to relieve stress, among which are counseling, yoga and other exercise.

Perhaps ask for an extension on homework to hang out with friends. Long-term projects? Set smaller, achievable goals and scale up. We can better maintain a balance by stepping back and planning each day ahead of time.

As the finish line approaches, we naturally want to finish strong. At the same time, consider that most of the tests have been graded, admission decisions made and plans finalized.

Finish up your last few projects, take those final tests and Beat Stat, but do not let your end-of-year push overshadow your happiness or wellness as you prepare to step off campus for the last time this school year.


This piece was originally published in the pages of the Winged Post on Mar. 23, 2016.