That’s a Wrap: Chris Rock came off as racist and sexist at the Oscars

by Melina Nakos, Reporter

Chris Rock, the renown comedian and actor, emceed the Academy Awards Show on Feb. 28. As a host, he focused on the topic of #oscarssowhite. He used a skillful mixture of satire, comedy, and opinionated seriousness to bring racism against Black people in Hollywood into the foreground.

The issue arose when Rock ignored non-Black people of color, and even put down women and non-Black individuals through his comedy. Ultimately, his sexist and racist jokes cast a disappointing and serious tone over the celebratory event.

For more on my opinion concerning Chris Rock’s monologue at The Academy Awards, listen to episode 4 of my podcast “That’s a Wrap.”


Melina Nakos (12) is a reporter for The Winged Post. This is her third year as a part of the journalism program. She is also an acting certificate student and loves participating in performing arts. In addition, she makes films. Melina also is the captain of the Improv Troupe and the Disability Awareness Program representative for The Harker School.