Kicks against cancer raises $1500 for cancer patients’ summer camp


Kshithija Mulam

Aadyant Kanakamedala (10) prepares to kick the soccer ball as goalie during the junior varsity boys game at Kicks Against Cancer.

by Justin Su, Winged Post Asst. Sports Editor

The Kicks Against Cancer games took place on Feb. 5th, with the junior varsity boys, varsity girls, and varsity boys playing against their respective Menlo teams. The junior varsity boys started their match at 3 p.m. and lost 0-2, the varsity girls started playing at 4:55 p.m. and lost their match 0-3, and the varsity boys started their game at 6:30 p.m. and lost 1-4. Sparsh Chauhan (10) scored the only goal for Harker during the last game of the night. After the junior varsity boys finished their game, the varsity girls team presented a check of $1,500 to four visiting Camp Okizu families to support children with cancer.

The team captains of each team worked more closely this year to prepare for the event, and held a butts up fundraiser between matches, giving anyone who donated $1.50 to kick a soccer ball at participating staff members. Faculty who volunteered had signs in front of their classrooms throughout the week, and included Dr. Victor Adler, Dr. Miriam Allersma, Dr. David Casso, Juston Glass, Dr Matthew Harley, Eric Kallbrier, Robbie Korin, Diana Moss, and Jaron Olson. The teams also sold baked goods and raffles in order to raise money during the event. Camp Okizu’s first session for campers will be held from June 13-19, and the first session for sibling will take place from June 20-26. Visit for more information.

This piece was originally published in the pages of the Winged Post on March 2, 2016