New pep band to play at football games

by Isha Patnaik

On Monday morning during School Meeting, the newly formed Pep Band brightened each person’s day with their rendition of “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles.

Cole Manaster (11) had the idea to start the Pep Band “to make a group that could play at all of the home [football] games, just like [at] almost every other high school.” The band will play songs that will motivate and entertain crowds at fall football games.

Charles Levine (11) commented that the idea for the group “spurred from [Cole’s] idea.” The band rehearsed often, which culminated in the recent performance. They will also be working together in the summer.

The band is also including faculty members as well as students, unlike most musical groups at the school. Carol Zink expressed that she is “really enjoying the opportunity to play with a bunch of talented and enthusiastic kids.”
Cole felt that for their performance at School Meeting, “everyone [in Pep Band] really rose to the challenge.”