CSPAN bus visits Upper School

by Nikhil Dilip

The C-SPAN digital bus visited the Upper School on October 29 to advertise its channel to schools across the country.
Matthew, a C-SPAN employee, distinguishes this channel from other news programs because it displays “gavel to gavel” broadcasts rather than just highlights.

“The distinction between us and other news channels are that we make you more aware of the inner workings of your government. There are no commercials, which means there is more time for broadcast,” he said.
The digital bus integrated technology with its use of computers and interactive television screens with quizzes for students.
Students went inside the bus before school and during first and second period.
“The fact that they have such great technology [is the best part], and it incorporates things that students can actually interact with,” Andrew Wang (9) said.

Most of them found the technological aspect the most interesting.

“Personally, I wouldn’t want to sit there and watch the whole thing, but I know that since it’s available to me, it’s really good,” Kristi Sun (11) said.

C-SPAN also gives news through their website and iPhone application.