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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Playing the cello became a chore, rather than a luxury. While practicing, I could feel my hope disappearing as I counted the number of minutes I played.

This I Believe: The right decision for myself

by Sally Zhu, A&E and Lifestyle Editor November 4, 2021

My fingers fly across the cello’s four strings, my mind focuses on maintaining the tempo as I sit in the soft black chair in my room. A music stand with black and white pages of notes stares back at...

Never would I have thought that a simple village like Èze held so much beauty, but I later realized that all of it was in plain sight, and I only needed to look a little closer to find it. Discovering the beauty in the larger world brought much more joy into my life than I would ever expect, but after all, is that not what life is all about?

This I Believe: Hidden pleasures in plain sight

by Desiree Luo, Reporter September 7, 2021

The bright, shimmering sea sways back and forth as a soft breeze skims over the water’s surface. Streaks of white trail the small boats as they move like paint on a canvas. Overhead, the sun emits a...

Ever since I was a child, I lacked confidence. Because of this, I never considered taking risks. However, stepping up to opportunities helps me grow from my mishaps and mistakes, giving me the confidence I need the next time I’m faced with a challenge.

“I believe in confidence”

by Claire Su, Reporter February 23, 2021
Overcoming a fear through a new mindset
I believe in writing in a café. Not literally, but going out into the world to experience things, to really observe the world and the people around you.

Written in the (café of) stars

by Sydney Ling February 6, 2021

I knew writers swore by writing in a café, but I didn’t believe in it for the longest time.  Last summer, I was trying to write a short story about “The Café of Stars,” a magical café that...

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