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Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Upper school English teacher Charles Shuttleworth poses with his recent book titled “Desolation Peak: Collected Writings, a collection of Beat Generation poet Jack Kerouac’s writings. “I did some good investigation, and it was really fun,” Shuttleworth said. “I love [Kerouacs] writing, I really respect it, so to be able to transcribe it just for myself was worth it. Overall, I felt I got to know and understand him better than I ever had.”

Taking a peek into “Desolation Peak”

by Olivia Xu, Humans of Harker Managing Editor February 16, 2023

With $14.57 in his pocket and 900 miles to travel, Jack Kerouac hitchhiked to the North Cascades National Park in July of 1956. Beyond fulfilling his role as a fire lookout, he sought enlightenment, an...

Upper school composer Paul Woodruff sits at the piano, playing notes of a song. Woodruff joined Harker 12 years ago, and has since been composing for music for upper school musical groups.

Composing cadence: Upper school melodist writes music through time

by Vika Gautham, Shareen Chahal, and Olivia Xu May 30, 2022

Euphonic voices fill the air with joyful tunes as upper school composer Paul Woodruff sits at the piano, observing the students implementing his modified arrangement of the classic, “Walking on Sunshine.”...

Upper school Intro to Journalism teacher Whitney Huang sits at her desk in the back room of the journalism classroom, holding her Harker Journalism mug. Huang, a 2008 alumna and Harker lifer, returned to Harker due to her deep connection to the schools culture and environment.

Meet your teacher: A return to Harker, 20 years later

by Sarah Mohammed, Features Editor October 3, 2021

Thumbing a photograph from 2000, new upper school journalism teacher and Harker alumna Whitney Huang (‘08) laughs with upper school activities director Kerry Enzensperger, recalling fondly each of their...

Madame Pommier speaks with a student and her father during conferences. By inviting students to conferences, the school hopes to allow both students and parents to discuss questions and concerns in a group format to allow for further academic progress for students.

Parent-teacher conferences held on first two days of break

by Arushi Saxena, News Editor November 25, 2019

Students and parents convened on the upper school campus today for the first of two days of parent-teacher conferences. This year’s conferences began on Nov. 25 and continued on to Nov. 26, the first...

Heart of Harker: Lessons from twelve years at Harker

Heart of Harker: Lessons from twelve years at Harker

by Victor Adler, Guest Writer September 3, 2018

I always wanted to be a teacher, but throughout my life adults tried to talk me out of it for a host of reasons. When I finally committed to be a teacher, it even stunned my wife. I originally sought a...

Biology teacher Dr. Thomas Artiss tends to a beehive. I could stand and watch the hive for half an hour, Artiss said.

Meet your teacher: Biology teacher experiences joy of beekeeping

by Jessie Wang, Reporter September 2, 2018

A low buzzing fills the air as biology teacher Dr. Thomas Artiss approaches his beehive. Clad in traditional beekeeper wear — wide brimmed hat, mesh faceguard, white full-body suit and all — Dr. Artiss...

The upper school’s quad. Former Harker upper school teacher Florio was terminated in June and arrested on Aug. 16 on felony and misdemeanor charges.

Former upper school teacher faces charges for misconduct involving a student

A former Harker upper school teacher was arrested in San Jose last Thursday and currently faces criminal charges for inappropriate communication with a minor during school functions and on social media. Schools...

Allersma demonstrates her frisbee skills. Allersma has played both competitively and recreationally.

Meet your teacher: Physics teacher plays in tight-knit Ultimate Frisbee community

by Helen Yang, STEM Editor March 8, 2018

Aside from being a full-time mom and physics teacher, Dr. Miriam Allersma is also an ultimate frisbee lover. Having participated in the sport for over fifteen years, she has had many exciting experiences...

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