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Near Mitra Scholars celebrate finished research projects

This year's Near Mitra scholars line up on stage for a photo after signing copies of their papers. The ceremony that concluded the yearlong scholarship process was held in the Nichols Auditorium last Tuesday.

by Eric Fang and Kathy Fang

May 5, 2019

Eight Near Mitra scholars were honored at a reception on Wednesday in the Nichols Auditorium. There, they presented their final research projects to their faculty mentors and audience. Each student gave a short speech about their writing process and also expressed gratitude for their mentor’s guid...

Humans of Harker: Power in thought

“I think you have to measure your impact and what you’ve done for other people–to know that you’re doing good with what you’re doing. You have to create a world for yourself, with your actions, that you would want to live in,” Ryan Guan (12) said. “For myself, I want to have something that I strive for– and that’s making a difference.”

by Prameela Kottapalli, Editor-in-chief

October 1, 2018

Unlike Ryan, the question is unremarkable. But it’s narrow in an attempt to capture his detail-oriented persona: “Why do you wear a watch?” While considering the question, he lounges on a modernist couch in Shah’s John Near center, his elbow propped up against a faux-leather backrest. Novels,...

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Ryan Guan