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Harker Aquila

These characters made the movie Marvel’s most diverse release yet, and I am grateful that Zhao chose to increase the inclusivity of the film when adapting it from the comics. However, the diverse characters lack sufficient portrayal as exemplified by the poor memorability of Kingo’s character. It’s not enough to simply include these characters, Marvel needs to represent them properly.

Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ falls flat in portrayal of diverse characters

by Kinnera Mulam, Reporter January 22, 2022

 harkeraquila · Aquila Audible of "Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ falls flat in portrayal of diverse characters" There they were. All 10 of them, capes undulating in the wind, heads held high as they...

I flip through an array of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Although some of the films lack top-notch, logical writing and center around almost all white male heroes, the continuity between them make the MCU immersive and somewhat addictive.

Friday Five: Marvel Cinematic Universe movies

by Arely Sun, Aquila Co-Managing Editor December 3, 2021

I’ve been a huge Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fan since my friend persuaded me to start a MCU marathon with “Iron Man” in eighth grade. Within the next few months, I powered through all the movies,...

Alex Lan (11), Cynthia Wang (10), Eric Li (9) and Kailash Ranganathan (12) from the ASB Community Service Committee introduced Thanksgiving grams, which were sold on Thursday and Friday, with a short skit. Each gram includes chocolate, stickers, stationery and a personalized message for $3 as a way to show gratitude throughout the community.

School meeting recap 11/4/21: DECA Month, Thanksgiving grams and spirit standings

by Medha Yarlagadda, Reporter November 7, 2021

Associated Student Body (ASB) president Dawson Chen (12) started off the school meeting on Thursday by introducing DECA officers Catherine He (12), Shreeya Merchia (10) and Claire Luo (10), who talked...

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” opened in theaters on Sept. 3 and instantly began to break records: first Marvel movie released exclusively in theaters since 2019, highest Labor Day box office opening, first Marvel movie to feature an Asian lead hero. It received 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, bringing it to fifth place out of all 25 Marvel movies according to the Tomatometer, tied with “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Movie review: “Shang-Chi” makes waves as first Asian Marvel superhero movie

by Arely Sun, Aquila Co-Managing Editor September 30, 2021

As a Chinese American accustomed to seeing Asian faces excluded from blockbuster movies, I never thought I would see the quintessential Marvel theme song fade into a shot full of Chinese characters; I...

Lee redefined the idea of All-American for the public. Thats the other thing that I do know about Stan Lee is he was way ahead of his time. He used his power to diversify to media...because only someone of that cache could create those comics and get those published, Miller said.

Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee dies at 95

by Nina Gee, Staff Illustrator November 19, 2018

Superheroes. The people who inspire us to do the unimaginable, who give us hope in the world. People we don't usually, if ever, come across in real life. It's not often that we see these kinds of people,...

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